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    Default WiFi at CSA ? from a BFVS

    Since I work out of my home (nobody to completely back me up) I need to log onto a computer a couple times a day. Does anybody know if I could pick up access from a Beachfront Verandah Suite? I know I can log on in the computer room...... but I am looking for the convenience of checking email a couple times a day from my room.

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    Wi-Fi pretty much resort wide when we were there in April.

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    i agree with Tom. pretty much all over the resort i could connect with my Blackberry. no problem. just pick up the username and password from the front desk when you check in.


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    We just got back, the wifi coverage is great. I did not find anywhere on the resort I could not get signal.

    I even skyped sitting in front of the beach bar one morning. Worked great, no worries.

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