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    Default Music for many songs?

    I'm hoping someone can help me. I have searched through the forum and can't seem to find the answer. We booked our Dec. 23rd wedding at CSA two weeks ago so I'm scrambling a little. The big items are all done now so it's onto the small details.

    How many songs can we use at the wedding and what 'sections' are they for?

    Walking down the aisle, recessional, signing registry, cutting cake and dance?

    Do they prefer it on a cd or IPOD? Should I do a playlist in the specific order of the wedding.


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    We just got married at CSA on 11/5. You only need 3 for before you walk down the isle (or if you have attendants) for when you walk down the isle and one for when you both walk down the isle after you are married.

    We chose Over the Rainbow, Cannon D and Beautiful Day by U2. I downloaded them onto my iPhone and brought them on a CD. Tamika took the CD and put it on her own iPod for the ceremony. Good luck and Congrats!

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    We were married the end of October at CSS and we needed a song for me to walk in (Smile by Uncle Kraker), recessional (I'm Yours, Jason Mraz) and our first dance (Say Hey I Love You by Michael Franti). Our songs had a very Jamaican, light hearted feeling which matched the day perfectly! They specifically asked for a CD at CSS and I had 9 songs on it so music could play while we had cake and champagne.

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