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    Default Anyone January 28th- Feb 3rd?

    It is finially official, booked our trip home to CSA. We did not get in on any of the deals they offered the first of the year which was really dumb. I will never wait or listen to anyone again. I had to pay big time for that mistake and only get to stay 6 nights this year. But hey 6 nights is better that none right? Coming home CSA! Cant WAIT!!!!!! Coming by ourselves all the other's well told them to book when they were having deals, their loss!!!!!

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    Default Ja31-Fe7

    We just booked yesterday should've done it a year in advance like others.
    See you there...remember what happens in Negril...
    Meri and Denis.

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    We will be there from Jan. 25- Feb. 1. We are traveling with another couple, and it is the first time to Jamaica for all four of us. It's 20 degree below zero here today, so really looking forward to a few days in flip flops!!


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    We will be there 1/23-2/2. I am really looking forward to the simple things - sitting on the verandah, the fish tacos at Sea Grapes, Rum Cream, laying in a hammock. Bob will be the one wearing a Buffalo Sabres or Penn State Nittany Lions baseball cap.

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