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    Default New Pricing at CSS

    Has anyone else noticed the new "room category" at CSS? I was flipping through the rates this morning and saw that they have segregated one of the Penthouse Suites. The "Prime Minister"s Suite" is now about double the price of the other Penthouses! It must really be something!

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    just thought i would bump this up.

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    We stayed in PM suite last year and it was wonderful. It is in D block. It has the best balcony because it is private, not like the other PH suites in D block where the balcony's share common space with lattice dividers between the balconies
    Another difference is that the PM suite has a huge jacuzzi right in the middle of the suite. I guess that is why it cost so much more.
    According to GM Pierre Battaglia the PM suite is actually larger then the Hibiscus

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    I had not noticed that. I'd booked that room category for late February, several weeks ago. Guess I won't expect that room!

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