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    Default Jerk Chicken Fan (different at various couples)?

    Over the summer we visited CTI. One thing that disappointed me is the Jerk chicken was much different at CTI than CSA. The jerk sauce was much lighter and not as spicy. Wondering if all of the Couples resorts are supposed to follow the same recipe?

    Were heading to CSA in a couple of days, and i'm hoping the Jerk is the same as it was last time we visited. Everyday for lunch I visit the grill and get jerk and fries. Love the burning on the lips !!

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    Hi lutey,
    It would appear that there are differences. Suspect it is a reflection of the Chef. We noticed the same thing this week (just returned. While the Jerk Chicken was excellent and melted in your mouth, we do prefer the dark sauce (which we had last week at CSS and in the past at CN and CSA). But it's all good...

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