I just wanted to post a quick note on here to thank the staff of Couples Negril for making our stay so very special - We just returned from our 4th CN trip (Nov 13th - 21st), and last night we caved and booked another trip "home" in April - we just couldn't help ourselves!

A short and sweet review:

After clearing customs at MBJ we made our way to the Couples Lounge where we were greeted with smiles and "Welcome Home Mon". We left our information there, and were escorted over to the TimAir desk where we signed in and then took the short flight to Negril. We arrived at CN within an hour of landing in MoBay - and were greeted by more smiling faces, glasses of sparkling wine, and cool towels in the reception area.

Check-in was a breeze, and we couldn't believe that Herbert, our baggage assistant actually remembered us yet again! (He has remembered us by name the last 3 years - this man is amazing!). After unpacking we quickly eased into "vacation mode".

Every meal we ate was absolutely wonderful. The presentation was beautiful and every bite was good - from omlets in the morning at breakfast to pool-side buffet parties; from casual dinners at Heliconia Grill to more upscale dinners at Lychee and Otaheite. I eat a diet made up mostly of lean meats, veggies, fruit, and nuts while my hubby is more of a startchy carb "meat and potatoes" kind of guy - there were always plenty of meal options to satisfy both of us completely

Our favorite restaurant hands down was Lychee. Otaheite was a close second favorite - we ate there 3 times throughout the week, with one of them being the repeaters dinner - don't miss this if you are a repeater! It is a great opportunity to meet the staff and really get to know the people behind the scenes that help to make our vacations so great year after year!

The only complaint that we had at all regarding the restaurants was that the Heliconia Grill was out of several items on their dinner menu a few different nights & the service at Lychee seemed to be a bit slower than it was in the other restaurants. Neither of these things were even remotely significant in the big scheme of things though and didn't even come close to putting a damper on our amazing trip!

All of the bartendars were amazing, but a few that stood out in our minds as "top notch" were Floy, Omar, Jermaine, Elkie, and Franklin - this group went above and beyond the call of dutie every single day/night, remembered our names and favorite drinks, and were just great in general. All drinks at all bars were good - no complaints here

Housekeeping was outstanding all week long and their timing for us was great - they always cleaned our rooms in the mornings before we returned for our afternoon "naps" and turn-down service was done every night while we were at dinner. Sheleen (our daytime housekeeper) did a stellar job on our room every single day!

The activities team was amazing as well and we never saw any of them without a smile on their faces. Sheldon, Zandre, and Nanna went out of their way to make sure that we were having the best vacation ever - day and night. From Beach Volleyball to Pool Volleyball to nights in the disco, card games, etc - they really made our vacation special and we hope to see them all when we return in April.

Other misc notes: The beach was beautiful and Couples does a great job of keeping it clean! The water was a pleasant temperature, and flat as glass most days - perfect for floating! The pools were well maintained as well, although we can't comment much here b/c most of our time was spent on the beach. The watersports were fun and seemed to be well-run (I went waterskiing several times and had a blast!). The landscaping is lush and breathtaking - Couples really does a great job of maintaining picture perfect gardens and beaches.

Thank you Couples Staff for a great vacation - and we'll see you again in April!