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    Default LESS than a week away!!

    ONLY 6 more days, 3 work days, 1 birthday, 1 Saturday, 2 plane rides UNTIL - our first AI at CSA....can't wait!

    Rod & Misty

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    We have 7 more days. 4 working days. Can't wait.

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    Hey Beachlover,
    CSA here we come!! Printed our boarding passes and luggage all set. Dropping the kids and dog off in 3 hours too. Our vacation officially begins at 7pm tonight. Home alone, no kids and no dogs and dreaming of stepping foot onto the sandy beach.

    Listen....Can you hear us exhale already!

    I love this board!

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    SIX MORE DAYS... and counting!!

    Hubby and I will be at CSA on 12/12. The anxiety is overwhelming!!

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    You lucky dogs! We still are 13 days and two birthdays out! Enjoy your stays and once we get there we plan on keeping the good vibes going!

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    We are coming on 11 of December,cant wait to step into Caribian sea,blue and wormJust little bit afraid of long flight see you there friends.

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