Apologies in advance for the long review…my boyfriend and I visited Tower Isle for the 3rd time (2nd since the renovation) and as always, had a wonderful time. I won’t go into the hellish connecting flights (on the way back, my luggage came along with me to Detroit, but my boyfriend’s decided it wanted to visit Atlanta. You really can’t blame it.)

We arrived on a Sunday and for about two days the wind was very strong. The sun was sporadic and the island was closed until Wednesday. I felt bad for some of the guests that had to leave before the weather improved by Wednesday. We did a trading places on Monday to Sans Souci. Because it is set farther back in the cliffs, the wind didn’t affect it as much. In fact, it cooled off SSB nicely. We almost did a trading places Wed as well, but they opened the island. From then on the weather was pretty smooth sailing. I was surprised by how much cooler it was at night in November than any of the other times we have gone. The pool water on the island and in the swim up pool was cold too, which was another unusual thing. Cold being a relative term of course! (Just as a P.S. about the island, we missed the crew from the first week of May this year - you know who you are! Was not quite the same without you guys)

Meals were fantastic as always. We ate one night at 8 Rivers and it was fabulous. We completely stuffed ourselves. We had Courtney as a waiter and he was the best - very funny and classy and cool. We were excited to see the pumpkin soup on the menu. We had it at Sans Souci a few years earlier and it was memorable. We ate a couple of times at the Verandah and that was wonderful as well. May all guests meet Otis during their stay. He was a very excellent purveyor of wine and another of the staff members that went out of his way to please guests. We consistently stuffed ourselves at the buffet breakfast too. (On the flight back, as my boyfriend had a snack on the plane he commented “I think I will see if I actually blow up.” A la Monty Python.)

A few other staff members that make you feel welcome were Damien on the island, Emworth in the lobby (the man! I really hope I got his name right), the lady who made my boyfriend’s omelets every day and greeted him so kindly and the LOVELY lady down at the snack bar below the main drinks bar. We got plantain chips almost every day and she greeted us with a smile. I wish I knew her name. Maybe someone else does – she is another amazing staff member. What a sweetheart she was.

We are coming back in March and bringing my parents. We are going to Sans Souci, just because the grounds appeal to us so much, but the staff at both resorts are amazing.

The resort itself was beautiful as always. But it is the Couples staff truly makes these resorts – I hope the powers that be realize that. Jamaica is a beautiful country, so you can’t go too wrong scenic-wise, but the hospitality of the resort staff blows our minds every time we visit. This is a little embarrassing to say, but sometimes when you watch a staff member set the table, and place everything JUST SO on the table, it breaks your heart a little and you hope everyone appreciates the trouble the staff goes through to make your vacation memorable. I can’t wait to introduce my parents to these resorts.