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    Default CSS 1 BR Beachfront Suite question

    We are trying to decide which room type we would like to book. My hubby is a VERY early riser, and so will sometimes get up at 4 am and turn the TV on until the sun comes up - which drives me crazy when I'm trying to sleep. I am wondering - is there a TV in both the bedroom AND the sitting room in the 1 Bedroom Beachfront Suites?

    Thanks so much!

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    No, there is just 1 TV in the suite. However, it is mounted on the wall on a swivel arm that can be veiwed from the living area or the bedroom. First is a picture from the living area (TV is in the upper right) and second is a picture of the TV swung out to the bedroom area. Not sure how the pictures will show up because I can't see them when I preview the post, but you'll get the idea.
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    I do the same thing to James! Forget the beach front and go with the one bedroom ocean balcony suite. There are two TV's and the rooms and balcony are 2x the size of the beach front. The bedroom is much more separated from the livingroom than the beachfront and he could watch TV with out disturbing you at all. The views from up on the cliff are gorges to. There will be some steps to climb to your room though but you can use the resort shuttle if you like to.
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