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    Default Nov 18 to Nov 25 CTI Trip Review

    Nov 18 Ė Nov 25 Couples Tower Isle Trip Review

    We are a middle class Canadian couple in our early 30ís. We have only travelled to the Mayan Riviera in Mexico (twice). The purpose of our trip was for us to get married. Anything that I do criticize, I knew about before going to this resort. The reason we chose CTI over the other Couples Resorts is that it was the only one that had a dinner buffet available every night.

    We travelled with Westjet, they were fine. For free food you get 2 snacks (bits and bites or cookies), also they offer free beverages twice (water, tea, coffee, soda). We paid extra to reserve the emergency exit (Row 13). We would not do this again, as we could not recline the seats at all. There is TONS of legroom, DH is 6í4,and I am 5í9 and we had atleast 6Ē of room left.

    Couples Lounge
    Very nice, it was good to have private washrooms, and beverages available (bottled water, soda, beer).

    Transportation to and from resort
    It was also nice not having to stop at numerous resorts to drop off other travellers. We only stopped at Couples Sans Souci. It took us 1hr, and 45 minutes in travel time to arrive at Couples Tower Isle. Just a note tipping the driver and your porter at the airport is encouraged ($1 per bag, and whatever you want to the driver)

    Resort Arrival
    This resort does not have the marble factor like Mexico. What it does have is understated elegance. We were offered a cool cloth, which was very nice, along with champagne, beer, or any beverage. We were all seated and filled out our paperwork. The Bell Boy took our bags, along with the bags of the other 3 couples and escorted us to our room. Until being at this resort we never realized how small it was. However, it has an excellent layout with most things having an ocean view (Pool Grill, Patio, Verandah, bayside, Lobby, Logo gift shop, pools, and most bars).

    Our Room.
    We booked the Deluxe Ocean View Room. We were located in Building 4, on the 3rd Floor. Our room was functional. It had a giant King sized bed that was super uncomfortable and the pillows were weird. A flat screen TV mounted to the wall, with awesome channels (even 2 Canadian channels). Our washroom was small, and we felt that although our sink was beautiful, it was not very practical. We LOVED our balcony. It had a beautiful view. We had lots of balcony time each day. We would just sit on our balcony and watch the waves for long periods of time.

    The Beach was small, and on some days it was very crowded. It seems that they lost a bit of sand recently; apparently it will take about 6 months to correct this. Beach waiter service was amazing. Our waiter kept our drinks filled without asking!!

    We sat around the Quiet Pool one day. It was nice to still have a view of the ocean, while being by the pool. We had pool waiter service here. We never went to the Main Pool with the swim up bar. However, we would get drinks to take to our room from the swim up pool bar. We had a great view of this pool from our balcony. It was the livelier pool, and sometimes the people there got rowdy!

    Sadly we did not partake in any activities. We had planned on doing Dunnís River Falls but we were way too burned. Oh well, it gives us a great excuse to go back in the future.


    The Patio Restaurant (Buffet)
    This restaurant serves all meals buffet style. It is closed on Mondayís.

    We had breakfast here every morning. There was bacon, chicken sausage, boiled eggs, French toast, scrambled eggs, omelette station, waffle, and pancake station, potatoes, beans, cereals (Kelloggís), yogurt, fruit, breads/danishes, 3 types of croissants (plain, almond, chocolate), as well as a few local Jamaican dishes.

    We had lunch here a few times. I would usually get something from the pool grill and bring it to the buffet to eat with DH. I donít really know what was on the lunch buffet, as I am an extremely picky eater, and couldnít find items that I would eat. I do remember that they would have pizza, pasta, deserts, meats, veggies etc...

    We had dinner here 5 nights. We both enjoyed it alot. I usually got pasta, and bread. DH was in heaven with the vast assortment of meat, seafood, and veggies. The Gala Buffet on Saturday night was particularly wonderful. I enjoyed the Roast Beef, It was wonderful! DH loved the lobster.

    The Verandah Restaurant
    We did not dine here. I couldnít find anything on the menu that I liked.

    8 Rivers
    We dined here one night. They were VERY accommodating regarding my pickiness. DH had the Taste of Seafood for the appetizer, the Shrimp Bisque with sherry for soup, and we shared the salad (minus the blue cheese), and he had the Surf & Turf for dinner. I did not have an appetizer, or soup, for my entree I had the Beef Wellington, made plain, with only the beef and the pastry. I enjoyed my Beef alot. DH thought the restaurant was average, and both agreed that if in the future they had the same menu we wouldnít bother going back.

    The ONLY reason we dined here was because we got married on the Monday, and we didnít want to go to the Beach Party (which was cancelled). I do not like Asian food at all!! The only type of Chinese food that I will occasionally eat is beef fried rice, and 2 chicken balls smothered in sweet and sour sauce!

    We had the Tasting platter for 2, I ate 1 Beef Kebab, as that is the only part of the platter that I liked, warning the sweet chilli sauce gave me an instant migraine. DH had the Tom Kla Chicken Soup, I had the salad. For our entrees he had the Hor Mor talay, and I had the Phad Ra Prao Nuea (minus the beans) this was the BEST meal that we had the entire time we were there. I wish we hadnít waited until Monday, and had booked there more often. We LOVED the food so much, DH wanted to kiss the nice lady chef as he enjoyed his meal that much!

    Pool Grill
    We went to the Pool Grill daily. They are open from 10-6, and reopen at 10pm. They had wonderful fries, DH enjoyed the Calamari. We both loved the self serve ice cream machine.

    -The weather was 26-31 that week. It was VERY windy; especially our wedding day was the windiest day that week. There was a fair bit of clouds. The sun in Jamaica is WAY stronger than it was in Mexico. We are both burned quite badly.

    -It was nice not having to carry cash, and to be able to charge things to our room, such as spa, and gift shop items.

    -Internet was free, that was nice as in Mexico we got charged per minute

    -It was great not having to carry towel cards with us, and being charged $20 per towel if you lose one.

    -Shopping, if you are like us and do not like bartering and are wondering if you should buy your souvenirs at the airport or the resort, the answer is both. Alcohol was much cheaper at the airport, as well as t-shirts.

    Other items were much cheaper at the resort
    Shot Glass Resort $3, airport $4-$6
    Jamaican Tweety, Resort $13, Airport $18
    The little spice packs were $9.25 at the resort, and $10-$13 at the airport
    We didnít buy any coffee, but we thought it may have been cheaper at the airport.

    -Every day there is a new vendor set up on the beach. The man that comes in on Saturdayís does the most amazing woodwork. His pieces were far superior to the other vendors that came in. We bought a parrot, and turtle from him.

    The staff was AMAZING!!!! I have never met such happy, hard working people before.
    -Emworth and Everald were awesome Bell Boys; they remembered us from day 1 and were extremely helpful
    -Paul was the best Beach waiter and bartender out there
    -Latoya was a great wedding co-ordinator.
    -Karon at the buffet was great she remembered me from day 1 when she asked me if I was going to the omelette station after getting a waffle from her, I told her I didnít like eggs, which shocked her, and she remembered me from there on.
    -Jean was great maid, she kept our room tidy, and she was always so happy.

    -Provide more non-seafood appetizers
    -More comfortable beds needed
    -Mini Bars in all rooms would be nice, we really missed that!

    Couples Resorts greatest assets are their staff, the food, and the included activities. My only gripes being the size of the beach/resort, and the lacklustre rooms. I donít think that we would want to visit the other Couples as we loved having a direct ocean view, a nightly buffet option, and the waves. I donít like calm water. Will we go back...yes.

    We took alot of pictures, alot of them are the same but just shot on differnt days/times. Hopefully this link works.

    Password is November22

    I just checked it does work. It is all 1 word, the album is a sub-album listed on the right a little down.
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    We need a password to see your pics :-)

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    Thank you for such a great and detailed review. It sounds like you had a wonderful trip!! Congrats on your marriage!

    When clicking on the link for your pictures it asks for a password so unfortunately no one will be able to view your pictures..

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    November22 is not working.

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    Thank you for sharing your pics! The password IS working

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    November22 worked for me. Make sure you use the capital "N"
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    Okay, now you did it! I am so homesick for "CTI".

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    OK now I have it, nice photos.

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    Congrats on your marriage!!!! I am always so looking forward to any reviews that r about CTI. My husband & I will b going in September for our 10 yr. anniversary. I have always said that they get such a bad rep on the MB. I am glad that u both had a great time. I so look forward to the oceanviews. We actually booked an Ocean Jr. Ste. for the purpose of the minibar. U sound like me, a minibar in my room is a must!!!! Some people say that it doesn't matter but, I am not for carrying a lot of liquor back to my room every night. I appreciate the good and bad of your review so, I can get an actual picture of what to expect when I arrive.

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    thank you for sharing your experience on here, we found it very helpful as we are going to CTI mid January to get married. If you wouldn't mind messaging us with any relevant wedding tips & info. it would be greatly appreciated.

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    Congrats! Great review. Thanks for all the details. I highly recommend you try CSA the next time you go. You will be amazed by the beach and even though there isn't a full buffet for dinner, there is a salad and pasta bar available. Try it, you'll love it.

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