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    Default Former CNer worried about traveling to CTI

    Iíve been to CN twice before and absolutely loved it. This year, weíre traveling to CTI instead due to costs, and as we get closer, Iím growing concerned about whether I will be as happy there as I am at CN. Namely, the beach. I know Negrilís beaches are world-renowned, so maybe itís not a fair comparison, but CTIís beach looks pretty shallow and like it doesnít have as much shade. Plus, Iíve read that the sand is not as nice and soft.

    I know the worst day at a Couples resort is better than the best winter day in Michigan, but this trip cost a fair amount of money, and I want to be able to relax and look forward to it. Can anybody whoís been to both take a stab at reassuring me? Thanks

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    Be prepared for things to be different. The beach is smaller, but I wouldn't say that the ocean is any shallower than CN's. The sand is still soft, not hard and packed down like a Florida beach. The only drawback we found of the beach is that you can't talk long walks; otherwise the beach is fine. The resort is a high rise hotel unlike the buildings scattered all over the resort. The food is still outstanding and the staff are superb. Things will be different so keep an open mind.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    CN is our favorite, but we went to CTI in January 2010 and had a fantastic time. Don't spend your time comparing the two resorts. Accept the special features that CTI has to offer, relax, and enjoy.
    I know everything, and I'm always right (just ask my husband).

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    Things are different but thats part of the fun imo. Knowing your going to get the same quality experience with food, drinks, great staff etc. at a different facility.

    We've been to CN 4 times and are heading back to CTI for our second time in 3 more days, hope you have a great trip!

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    When researching our first husband-wife vacation we stumbled across Couples. We looked and looked, and CN was the resort that called to us. CTI was fourth on the list.

    So we went to CN twice and had wonderful times. Begrudgingly, we decided to try CTI right after the grand reopening because some friends from our first two CN trips were going to be there.

    Much to our surprise, we fell absolutely in love! So much, in fact, we're now booked for trip number three to CTI! Go figure...

    Just go with an open mind. See CTI for what it is, and not the ways it's not CN. Even if it doesn't top CN in your eyes, it's Couples - you'll have an amazing time!!!

    Bruce and Kelli
    Kalamazoo, Michigan
    CN 2006, 2008; CTI 2009, 2010, 2011
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    Default very small beach

    The beach at CTI is super small ufortunately and private. It is literally surrounded by CTI property on both sides, however, CTI has a private island with nudity so it is important for those guests to feel comfortable. I did think the sand felt just a little rougher in some points of the beach. The beach is only shallow for a few feet but becomes deep fast. You can do alot of water sport activites and go past the resort if you like but it is not neccesary. Have not been to CN...sorry! You cannot take a long walk on CTI's boyfriend and I are huge beach people and loved it! I hope it will do for a great relaxing trip for you!

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    The ride from the airport is much longer than to CN.
    TI beach bar is beautiful. Neat restaurant on the cliffs. Beach is smaller, more rocky sand, more windy. Beautiful resort just the same.
    Brand new rooms!

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    If you are expecting it to be just like CN, you will be disappointed.
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    We've been to CN 7 times #8 is next year and CTI once just after it reopened. The beach is smaller and rockier than the beaches in Negril the water gets deeper faster as well. There's a river close by that feeds into the ocean,while relaxing on the floaty a bunch of banana's came floating by once, hey a quick snack I say.

    CTI has more of a hotel feel to it but it is still a Couples property and second to none. Try not to compare and just enjoy paradise!! Since you are repeaters if you have the time do a day trade to CSS, We are thinking of going there on a quick get away after our day trade.

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    Default dont compare

    Been to CN, CSS, and CTI last Feb.
    We spent first day comparing, and wishing we were back at CN, but we kept that open mind, and fell in love with CTI!!!
    Love the decor, food, staff and our beautiful room.
    Most of all, we loved the island.
    I would highly,highly recommend it.
    It has a special feature you wont get at any of the other Couples.
    Like all others have said, go enjoy, dont compare.
    You wont be disapointed.
    PS- off to CN in three days

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    I also agree with BruceandKelli!! I think u should go with an open mind. Each resort is different and special in its own way. Don't start off comparing it to CN, just look for the reasons that u like CTI. It's still Couples so, u r guaranteed to still have an amazing time.

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    As everyone on here is or will post.....the two are very different. Our first trip to Couples was at CN. It was a few years before we went back and when we did, we chose CTI (COR at the time) because we anted to see another side of the island itself. We have since returned to CTI three times and have booked for both June of 2011 and 2012. There is nothing wrong with CN and we would return there in a heartbeat if someone asked us to go there with them. CTI has found a place deep in our hearts. We ahve become so close to many of the staff and truly love going there. I think Bruce and Kelli and Pamela said it best. Go there and accept it for what it is. You will get the dame great COUPLES service, dining, drinks, etc. But more importantly, you will get a great 'new' experience also if you accept it. I would stake anything on a bet that says you will truly enjoy yourself and have a wonderful time.

    One Love,
    Peace, Love, and Respect
    CN 2002, COR 2007, CTI 2009, 2010, 2011
    CTI June 4-15, 2012

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    Default CTI vs CN (beach)

    We went to CTI in June. The resort was great, but i'm a floater. I.e., I love the floats and the beach, and just being on the water in the floatie with a drink in my hand. CTI wasn't really a resort where this was an option. We usually go to CSA and everyone is on the water on floats, on the beach relaxing, but at CTI most everyone is at the pools. I think the water is rougher at CTI and the pools are the preferred gathering place. Just my 2 cents.

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    What I enjoyed about the beach at CTI is that its private, quiet and close to everything. Its not really all that shallow and the sand is soft. By quiet, I mean that you don't have the constant droning of waterskis, jet skis, etc. The roughness of the water depends on the weather - its been as smooth as glass one part of the vacation and choppy another part. So while I do miss the long walks on the beach with my wife, we just went for romantic walks elsewhere.

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    We tried CTI last January for the first time. We had been to CSA the previous year. Honestly, we had a hiccup with our room reservation, then with the repeaters gifts. CTI just didn't measure up to CSA in the service department for us that trip. Nothing major but little annoyances like forgetting turndown service 3 of the first 4 nights. The attention to detail just wasn't there.
    I like to float too and the water was just too rough at CTI. We were booked for 14 nights and on day 8 we did trading places to CSS. As soon as we got off the shuttle, I felt my shoulders drop and I relaxed for the first time. We asked to be moved after about 10 minutes on the property and spent the rest of the trip at CSS and loved it.
    CTI wasn't a bad resort, just not for us. It certainly didn't turn us off Couples either! We leave in 40 sleeps for a week at CSA and a week at CSS!

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