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    Is there free wifi at cti??? If so, are the safes large enough to place a 15.6 laptop?

    Danna and Steve
    cti dec4-11

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    Yes, there is wifi. I don't think the safe will hold a 15.6" laptop, but when we go, we use an inexpensive laptop lock and lock the computer to the desk. You can get them online just about anywhere, and it's a great item to have.
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    Free WiFi is available, but a 15" laptop won't fit in the safe. If you are worried, buy a computer cable and lock it to furniture in the room. We've always brought our laptops and have left them out in the room without securing them to anything and have never had a problem.
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    There is free wi-fi, with multiple hot spots. I saw many people using laptops in the lobby, but I was able to use my blackberry (for data, not voice) through the wifi in my room (via the swimup bar hotspot)

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