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Thread: Feb. 5-12th??

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    Default Feb. 5-12th??

    Hey! My husband and I are booked for our 2nd trip to couples Tower Isle - looking to see if anyone else on here is booked that same week? Looking soooo forward to it!!!
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    We arrive the day you leave.

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    My husband and I arrive at CTI February 5-12 for our first stayat a Couples resort. Really looking forward to it. We have been to Negril before but this is our first trip to Ocho Rios.We are coming from Wisconsin so very cold and snowy here!

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    We just booked our trip to CTI Feb 5-12. This will be our third trip to a couples resort, first two were at CN. We are so in love with Jamaica and can't wiat to return. Coming from the cold state of Nebraska! 31 days and counting!

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    we are there 7th feb to 21st for our 10th wedding anniversary, it will be our 3rd visit to cti & we cant wait!

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    Will see you on the 12th. You obviously need to spring for our first round of drinks.

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    We are looking forward to meeting everyone there, too! We live in South Carolina but have gotten a lot of snow this year! We can't wait to get out on the island!!!

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    20 days and counting!!!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait for some sun and sand, there is way to much snow here in Nebraska!!!!!

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    Jay & Francine 2/3-2/8 !

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