We were at CTI for our honeymoon with Tomas. Despite the best and stellar offerings at the resort, we missed out on all of the watersports. I never got to Tower Isle but did get to see San Souci property (another wonderful gesture on behalf of couples staff) once it was deemed that we were not going to get into the water on boats.
As fabulous as our stay was,I know how much we missed out on. We kept hoping that the water would calm down but once we saw weather advisory postings in our room we knew that the red flag on the pier would not be coming down.
Several people have asked me if Couples is doing anything in the way of compensation for the missed activities? We are planning on coming home to Couples again, possibly CSS so bad weather will not prevent our need to nude. Maybe a bad weather voucher towards next vacations for those who endured Tomas?
Even with bad weather conditions here is my report....fabulous food, superlative service with smiling faces, wonderful bar staff, royal room service, awesome activities crew!!! CTI was great from the moment we arrived to the minutes prior to leaving.