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    Hi Everyone,

    I have 2 questions about CSS.

    Which restaurant has the breakfast buffet? Under Dining on the website, all 3 of the other resorts start with Breakfast and tell you where that is, but CSS is set up differently and doesn't say anything about breakfast. I'm assuming there is a buffet like at CTI?

    We were at CTI last February but didn't get to go on the catamaran cruise because of bad weather. (We have been on the cruise previously and had so much fun!!) So, we would really like to go but stay at CSS. Is this possible?

    Thank you for your help.

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    The breakfast buffet at CSS is at Pallazina and it's fabulous. You can sit inside or outside and no reservations are needed. The buffet inside has a grand assortment of fruits, bagels, muffins and the pre-cooked hot items change daily (Sausage, bacon, etc). The mimosas and juice are inside and coffee is served by the fantastic waitstaff. On the side of the patio you will find a made-to-order omelet & eggs station. This was so good, we often planned our watersports for later in the day so we could have a hearty breakfast. It is worth rising and shining for!

    Unfortunately, the Cat Cruise is NOT an included activity at CSS, but you can make a reservation at the excursion desk for an extra fee. The bay is shallow so the boat can't get in to dock. I am considering this option for our trip in Feb 2011, so it's nice to hear that the cruise is worth going on.

    CSS seems to be the forgotten sister of the Couples family, but I completely fell in love with everything about her, even the stairs! Like most contributors will say, each resort has its own character, and CSS is more secluded, nature-focused and quiet; but don't let that keep you away. It's the quiet ones you have to watch out for!

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    Palazzina has a breakfast buffet set up. You can sit on the terrace or inside. It is lovely. Palazzina is the restaurant located on the Main Lawn.

    There is no "included" cat cruise at CSS. The concierge can recommend options to you, but you will have to pay. The reef is too close to the shore at CSS to allow for a cat to get close enough for boarding.

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    Pallazina, it was VERY nice. Right beside 'A' block. If it rains they lower the sheer curtains.

    No Cat Cruise at CSS

    Try SSB, very nice place for intro to a/n.

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    I will also be a 1st timer at CSS in july! Can't wait! I was at CTI last July and we went on the Catamaran cruise but wish we hadn't! It wasn't a romantic cruise, but a party boat instead. We both enjoy a drink, but u were practically forced to get up and dance. I assume most like this, but we would def not go again! Have fun no matter!

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    As noted in prior responses, the breakfast is in Pallazina and it is really fantastic. Also there is room service.

    WE just returned from a stay at both CSS and CTI. Because of the weather, we boarded the catamaran at a location is Ocho Rios rather than at the resort. If they wanted to make the cat available at CSS, they could certainly take you to where they were boarding. HOWEVER, we would not go on that one again if on the same catamaran. While we have enjoyed prior catamarans at both CSA and CN plus several other resorts, this was very sub-standard. The cat was small, crowded, and old -- certainly not a party boat like our other experiences. Plus there was only rum punch - no beer. It does not represent the high quality of Couples. The Hourseback riding tour of the plantation was (offered at CTI) was fantastic - a real highlight).

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