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    Has anyone stayed in a garden veranda room? Did you like it? That's what we booked for our trip the first week of Jan 2011. First trip to Jamaica and to couples!

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    They are nice and I wouldn't hesitate to book one again. Have fun

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    The room you get will depend on when you booked your garden verandah suite. It's my understanding that if you booked a garden verandah suite before they upgraded the garden suites in the old section to include tvs and mini bars, they will try to give you a room on the newer side of CSA. It's alittle confusing but our first trip to CSA we had to stay in one of the original garden suites the first night because there were no garden verandah suites available. We didn't care for the room because there was no glass in the windows or doors, only wooden louvers and screens. Apparently this issue has been resolved with the addition of panes of glass. Also our room didn't have a solid wall running up to the vaulted ceiling to separate the bathroom from the rest of the room. I'm no prude, but sometimes when using the bathroom you need a certain level of privacy, if you get my meaning. The garden verandah rooms in the newer section just seemed to be a little less rustic than the rooms in the older section. We booked a garden verandah suite for December, 2011 long before the upgrade took place so we're hoping we get an original verandah room on the newer side. If we don't, it still won't ruin our time spent in Paradise, aka CSA! Hey the old rooms are closer to the Palms buffet and bar so I won't have to carry my late night snack as far. There always is a bright side to everything if you just care to look for it. I hope this helps...Steve

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