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    Default Weather in october

    Going to csa for the first time in october. Does it really rain slot. Has anyone been during that time?

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    Yes, October is the rainiest month.
    We have been there twice in October
    and we got a lot of rain and I mean
    a lot. We went in October because that
    was a Fall Break time for me from school.
    We now go in June or July and it is SO
    much better. It's a gamble though. Some
    people can go a certain week in October
    and it will be fine.

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    Just wondering if you went in the beginning or end of month. Looking for a little hope

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    we have gone the last 5 years during the first week in October

    1 trip we had 4 days of rain the rest nothing more than the typical afternoon rain or a day of rain

    as a side note - on the 3rd straight day of rain- the pool bar was full- make your own good time
    Dave & Beth Hay

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    Default weather in oct

    we went last october from the 8-12 and it rained every afternoon for about 30 min. cleared up after that. We would go again in october.

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    We were there last October on the 10th and it did rain everyday in the afternoon for an hour or two. It was the perfect time of the day to go to the spa or take a nap, it didn't interfere with our vacation at all. Enjoy!

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    Default October Rain

    WE were there the 2nd wk of Oct in 07. Only had 2 days with an afternoon shower. Will be back again this Oct. 10-17

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    we have gone the past 2 years, the first week of october, and yes it rains. usually an afternoon shower almost everyday, that doesn't last long at all. great time to grab lunch, take a nap, hot tub, or just stay in the pool or sea while it is raining. 2 years ago, on our honeymoon at CTI we did have an unusual whole day of rain, but we didn't care. don't let it ruin your vacation, we actually enjoyed the rain. we will be returning next october, to CSA for our anniversary

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    Quote Originally Posted by mich70 View Post
    Going to csa for the first time in october. Does it really rain slot. Has anyone been during that time?

    Not much rain, but lots of hurricanes

    j/k, yes it does rain a lot. But it only pours for 30 min and then is sunny and nice again.

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    Thanks for all the feedback....Can't wait to go....We will be there last week of October anyone else going during that time...

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