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    Default CSS Beach/CN Beach questions

    I visited CTI last may. I was thinking of CSS next time. The beach, although looks lovely, looks really calm. How far do you have to go out to be in waist high water? Is is at all wavy? Also, at CN, can you walk along the shoreline? Or is it somewhat secluded and not like CSA where it looks like you can walk for miles....thanks for any input.

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    Can't answer for CSS, will be heading there for our first trip next summer. But CN has a wonderful beach. It is not a long as CSA so you can walk about a mile and half or so.

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    When we were at CSS almost (2) years ago you did not have to walk far (10-15) ft for waist high water, the water was calm.

    We mainly stayed on the a/n side and did not get in the ocean much on that side because there was a river dumping out there and the current was strong.

    You can walk pretty far on the beach at CN, GLN is on one side and you cannot walk very far that way but a good distance the other way, the RIU and office of nature and then another RIU in the other direction.

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    At CSS, you go out pretty far and it's still waist deep. Not much in the way of waves due to the secluded cove.
    At CN, yes ,you can walk along the entire shoreline, including the other resorts during thr day. At night, there is a guard at both ends and you have to stay on the resort. This is more for your and the resorts safety, as they don't allow others onto the property(much like CSA).

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    The water depth at CSS is similar to CTI and the waves are about the same. They are both in a cove which protects them from large waves.

    CN is on the 2 mile portion of 7 Mile Beach called Bloody Bay, so there is lots of walking available along the shoreline. CN is also in a large cove so you don't get huge waves unless there is a storm out at sea.
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    We were at CSS this past July. The water is below your shoulders at the rope and there are no waves. The water is perfect for the Floats. We have also been to CN. The beach is wonderful. You can walk for quite awhile. It's said to be 2 miles long. Both of these resorts are our favorites. We go back and forth between the 2 of them.

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    The portion of 7-mile beach in Bloody Bay (CN) is about 1.3 miles long and the portion that runs in front of CSA (Long Bay) is about 4.3 miles long. There are many more resorts and businesses along the Long Bay stretch, but the Bloody Bay area is very nice and walkable from end-to-end. If you look on Google Earth, you can get a really good idea of the 2 areas. At CN, the sand is really nice and soft all the way out to the buoys. You can also tell from Google Earth that there are pretty much no rocks at all in the water in front of CN.

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    CSS is pretty much always calm and you can walk out a fair distance. Although small it is pretty and no one bothers you. CTI was a little rougher but still nice and relatively hassle free.

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    My husband and I have only been to CSA and CSS, but I can tell you a little about what we thought of CSS. The beach there is what we considered to be very, very small. I don't think the water even reached my shoulders going all the way out to the rope and I am 5'5". We were very disappointed by the beach at CSS which may be because we had been to CSA two times before CSS. With that said the atmosphere for romance can't be beat at CSS, it is so very quiet and peaceful and at times walking around you feel alone. At CSA we did not have that experience of romance in the air, it was busy.

    I am trying to decide on a February pick, but I am not sure it will be couples.

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    I heard you can snorkel at CSS beside the cove. Is this true ? I like the romance that I've heard about at CSS...Going August 2011

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