Hi everyone! My husband and I just booked a trip to CSA the first week in Jan 2011 and are very excited but have some questions!
1)Is there internet access (I take college courses and need to participate online while there)?
2) What is there to do outside of the resort? We have been to Mexico many times and my husband likes to go "out on the town" at night and people watch, shop, go out to eat, etc.-sounds like there may not be much to do outside of the resort from what I've read.
3) How much would a taxi cost to go to MoBay? Or should we hire a driver? Or is there any shuttle service?
4) What are some good excursions to do?
5) Anything special we should know?
Thanks for any tips or insight! Looking forward to our trip! We've never stayed at a Couples resort before but have stayed at Dreams and liked them.