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    Default An tragic ending to a perfect Holiday!

    My husband and I went to CSA for the first time in November to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary.

    We decided to splurge and book a round trip with Tim Air as well to get to the resort quicker and a different experience. Our flight was half an hour late, and I was worried that our Tim Air flight might be delayed, but they were waiting and ready for us as soon as we cleared customs. We were directly taken to the Tim Air plane, and had Curtis as our pilot. We were assigned a Garden Veranda suite upon check in, but I asked to switch to an Atrium suite, as I did not want a TV. The receptionist was extremely helpful and promised us a new room within a day or two.

    We ate dinner at the Palms that evening and enjoyed a steel drum band for entertainment, which was very impressive. After that, there was a bonfire on the beach. My husband and I watched the moon and the stars while lying in a hammock, and listening to the band. It was soo romantic. WE did the cat cruise,and the snorkeling trip. We had decided that we wanted to go to the One Love concert with Ky Mani Marley on the cliffs for our actual anniversary night, to end our vacation on a high note. We had also booked our dinner at Feathers for the evening before.

    On the Sunday morning, my husband decided to try water skiing. He was a great water skier in his day, so he decided to get up on one ski instead of the easy route on two, then dropping one. He did not even get totally up before falling and breaking his knee. The water skiing staff rushed him to the nurse's office, then the Dr. was called. We were not sure of the extent of the damage at that point, so after a pair of crutches and a shot of a pain killer ,he tried to continue our vacation. By that evening it was evident that it was more serious and we had to go home.

    The staff were amazing at helping us make the arrangements, and Curtis even came in on his day off to fly us back to MOBay. It was a very sad ending to a perfect holiday.

    I agree with everyone else that not only is CSA like paradise, but its the staff that make it magical. I have never been treated so great, or had so much fun with the staff, as they all have a great sense of humour and compassion.

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    So sorry to hear of husbands mishaps while waterskiing. It reminded me of the last time my husband and I were at CSA and I decided to go skiing. I also was a very good slalom skiier ing "my day" and tried to get up on one ski and fell lat on my face, so I get up on 2 and try to drop a ski and really fall flat on face after my Left knee buckled out from under me(from and old basketball injury) and of course my husaband has this all on video! I guess I was VERY lucky I wasn't seriously injured as your husband was. Moral of the story: we are not as young as we used to be!!!! But don't tell anybody!!!
    Hope he is healing well now , and like me, I imagine his waterskiing days are done

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    Gray - owww, I am so sorry about your husband's knee. I can't even imagine how much that hurt. I hope that he is healing OK.

    We were at CSA several years ago when a former MB poster decided to dive from the cliffs, and I do mean dive. He had been a diver on his high school swim team. Alas, he did not lock his wrists in time, and broke one of his wrists. He did stick it out (we saw him in the water trying to keep his cast dry). CSA took great care of him, and from what I understand, the nursing staff is top notch. As you said, we're not as young as we used to be.

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