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    Does anyone know what wine they serve at CN and is it consistent throughout the resort or are there different varieties in different restaurants? Ok I am somewhat of a wine snob and would like to bring my own but we're traveling carry on only so that's not an option. I'm not interested in paying extra for a bottle just asking about available house wine.

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    Need answers please leaving in a few days!

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    The available house wines are Chilean and are drinkable at best. They typically have a red (Cab) and a white (Chard or Sauv. Blanc.) At the nicer restaurant (Otaheite) they will have a slightly nicer selection. Maybe two reds and two whites and it will be upgraded, although still Chilean. We find that they are OK with food, but you definitely don't go there for the quality of the wine. The sparkling wine is a Spanish Cava, and IMHO, it's the best of the bunch. Quite nice.

    And if you are lucky enough to go to the repeater's dinner, they serve a significantly upgraded wine there.
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    I'm not too much of a wine snob, but have particular tastes and have never been very impressed with any of the wines I've tried at any all-inclusive. CN does have wine that is "more palatable" than seom that I've had at other resorts, but I wouldn't expect anything too great. It's not as big of a drink in the Caribbean as ice-cold beers and tasty rum drinks.

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    I am a bit of a wine snob as well, and have found the house wine to be ok. It's drinkable, but when we're dining at Otehite we buy off the list because we want a great wine to go with our great meal. We have not considered BYOW purely because it seems like a hassle, and I know we can find at least one bottle that sounds good on the list. It is vacation, and worth the splurge to us. Worse comes to worse, there is plenty of other liquor to drink!

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    I like nice wines but I found the included wines at CN to be just fine. If you're a real wine connoisseur, pay the extra for the upgrade. However, if you don't want to incur the extra cost, trust me, you'll be fine with the "house" wines.

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    Of ALL the things great at Couples and Jamaica, the wine is the only "not so much". If you truly want some nice wine, recommend bringing a couple bottles. We leave in 1 week for CSA/CN - planning on bringing a couple of nice CA reds for some fine dining.

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    You can order off the "better wine list" for an extra cost.

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