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    My husband and I are taking a belated honeymoon from Christmas Eve through New Years day. We have never been to CSS and are wondering what to expect. We are staying in an Ocean View Suite ...those of you who have been what what are your experiences through the holidays and what should my husband really do while there? Anyone else going to be there during the same time?
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    Hi Meg;
    Hmmmmm. What to expect... How about:

    Being treated like royalty
    Eating some of the best food you've ever had
    Really,really feeling relaxed (like you can feel your shoulders drop!)
    Walking the most beautiful property in Jamaica
    Dancing under the stars
    Meeting wonderful people
    Already planning your next trip to Couples in your head.

    And the big one......

    Falling in love with your husband all over again!!!!!!!!

    Have a fabulous vacation!!!!


    PS: All of the above happens to me every Couples trip and we have been married for 22 years!

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    Default room credits

    i do not have an answer. We have been to cor css cti for 25 years amd have gotten water bottles and snack packs, i sure would like to know where my perks were (room credits) (checks).I'm not talking about spa credits. we stayed 10 nights and got 2 water bottles last month when we were there.

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    Squally? Did you sign up for Romance Rewards? You should have been getting massages, gift shop credits and cheques if you did. I would send a message to Seandymon asap.

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    Hey Meggie! We'll overlap by a day. We're arriving on the 31st and leaving on the 7th. Look for a really (really) tall guy at the NYE party who looks a little like Ryan Stiles/Lyle Lovett. His name is Doug. I'm Vee. We were at CSS a few years ago (and in the meantime, have made 5 trips to CSA and 1 to CTI) and are really looking forward to getting back.

    Expect a fabulous resort with great staff and beauty everywhere!!

    Head over to the meet-up board and you'll find people who will be there at the same time!
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    Meggie36 - You are in for the best Christmas present the two of you have ever received!! Send us an e-mail to , and we'll send you lots of information about CSS, and some of our pictures, too!

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