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    Default Emergency Phone Calls

    I know this has probably been covered ... but here goes ...

    We are coming to CSA in 10 days. Our mom's are around 80 years old (good health) but ... just in case of an emergency ... how does "HOME" call you?

    We came to CSA last year and we turned our iphone OFF. But this year if there is an emergency at home how can they call us? Is there another cell phone plan or phone card to get? Or just give our Mom's the resort phone number ?? And if we turn the airplane mode ON, we wont have cell phones... right?

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    on the iPhones... leave the PHONE on... turn data roaming OFF. That way you can get phone calls, but don't have to worry about the HUGE data fees. Yes, the calls will be expensive, but hey... it's an emergency, right?
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    I can unfortunately answer that one first hand. We were at CN when my mother-in-law died. My son called the 1-800 number from the couples resort and they patched us into our room. We were unable to get a flight out any earlier, but we were able to keep in contact with family as to when funeral plans would be and tell our kids what clothes to bring for us when we returned via their internet. Couples resorts have internet services included.
    Last year my father fell ill right before we went to CTI and we almost cancelled the trip. Make sure you have travel insurance for that reason. My parents told us he is fine and we should go. We told them if we go we do not want a phone call down there if something happens this time. They all understood because there really is nothing you can do from Jamaica. It only ruins the rest of your vacation. What ever happens can be taken care of when we get home. My father is doing well yet (88 yrs old), but we are waiting until the last minute to book a trip this time. It is too stressful to think about getting excited to go, pack and then maybe having to cancel trip.
    Good luck and go relax.
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    Give your moms the number to the resort and yes, if you turn the phone to 'airplane mode' it will not work as a cell phone or texting device.
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    i have verizon and i had them activate my international call feature for emergencies. Calls were $2.00 a minute and text messages were $0.25. Just make sure you turn off the data connection. You can just wifi at the resort.

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