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    we are leaving for cti dec 1st and have never flown before. we are leaving from houston tx and connecting in charlotte nc with a little over an hour lay over. this will be our first time flying so im just a little nervous about making it on time to get on the plane from nc to jamaica. does anyone know if the charlotte nc airport is easy to navigate and does this seem like a short amout of time (esp during holiday season) to catch our next flight?
    kristy and cody

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    Charlotte is a VERY easy airport to navigate. An hour is plenty of time. The airport is very small so you will be fine. Lucky you to be flying through Charlotte. Hopefully you have the same schedule on the way back as Charlotte has a very easy customs and immigration to go through.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    Charlotte is a good airport for connections. It is outside of the busy northeast air corridor, so there aren't congestion delays. One hour should be plenty on the way down to Jamaica. There are moving sidewalks to speed your way. Charlotte is set up as a hub and spoke terminal. More than likely, your flight to Jamaica will be departing from Concourse D. If you are arriving on USAirways, you will be arriving in either the B or C concourses. From the end of B to the end of D is about a 10 minute walk. If you are arriving on a small commuter flight, you will arrive in E terminal. There are lots of moving sidewalks in E terminal. Most international flight board early, so don't wait until the last minute to go to your gate. They also will ask to see your passport before you board, so you need to allow enough time to stand in line at the gate to do that.

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