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    Default Who's at CTI on New Year's Eve?

    After 2 years at CN, we are very excited to see the new CTI. Seemed like a good way to ring in the New Year. Who else will be there?

    I'll start the list:

    Dale & Deb 29/12/2010-05/01/2011 Winnipeg, Canada

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    Kenton and Kerry

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    Kevin & Debbie - from Vancouver, Canada
    Dec. 27 - Jan.3
    (and then we head to CSS!)
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    Default New Years Eve

    jamaicamecrazy-Kevin & Debbie- 27/12-03/01 Vancouver
    knkbaird - Kenton & Kerry - 29/12-05/01 Ontario
    sanssouci1 - Dale & Deb - 29/12-05/01 Winnipeg

    Only Canucks so far, must be some Yanks and Brits out there?

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    Lynne and Mick from England will be there so excited the best night ever !!! FRED AND CYNTH are you there we arrive n he 26th for a week xx

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    Quote Originally Posted by knkbaird View Post
    Kenton and Kerry
    My mistake Dec. 27-Jan. 5 Ontario

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    Dan and Kristi

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    we will not be there for new years eve but will be there on the 3rd-10th....hopefully to see a few of you!

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