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    Default Concerns about storage?!!

    My fiance and I are going to CSA in March 2011 for our wedding and honeymoon, we are due to stay for three weeks and its our first time at a Couples resort.

    We are extremley excited about our stay there and have read so much about it on these message boards, our only concern is in relation to the storage in the rooms as the pictures do not seem to show a lot of drawers or cupboard space.

    Could anyone please shed some light on this for us, bearing in mind we have wedding attire as well as three weeks of clothes too

    Thanks in advance
    Di & Karl

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    Three weeks! Lucky you.

    We stayed in a beachfront verandah suite at CSA and found drawer space to be a bit tight, and we travel with carry-on luggage only.
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    OK, being completely honest here, I've always found storage to be an issue in the beachfront verandah rooms at CSA (not sure what room category you have, but I will use the BFVS for example). There are a few drawers, and a large open storage area (where the pillows will be when you arrive). The closet is plenty big (but bring extra hangers, there will not be enough for a 3 week stay). There is storage area above the closet where we usually stash our small carry-on bags. It's hard to reach, though, and you really don't want to put anything up there that you will need to access repeatedly during your trip.

    We have been staying 10 nights, and we work out every day, so this equals A LOT of clothes. What we did our last trip was mid-way through the trip, we sent a pile of workout clothes, shorts and shirts to the laundry service. It was a little pricey (about $50), but on-par with U.S. hotel prices. This also saved us from checking extra bags at the airport. I also bring Woolite for rinsing out bathing suits and pareos.

    So, one of my very few complaints about CSA is the lack of storage space in the rooms. Many of the extended stay hotels in North America have an abundance of storage space. I wish CSA would add even an extra chest of drawers. There's also no place to put large suitcases (no room to shove them under the bed). Again, this is a very small complaint, and it certainly doesn't stop us from returning.

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    We stayed in a Premier OceanFront Room at CTI and had a huge walk in closet, in the room there was 3 large drawers and two large compartments in the dresser and a night stand with 2 drawers. We had tons of room to hang stuff.

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    They have laundry service for a fee.

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    In the BFS/Atrium suite at CSA there are NO drawers. There is a medium sized closet with shelves. Here's what we do now:

    Disclaimer: I am totally OCD and everything has to be folded nicely and put away correctly. -- Drives DH nuts.

    I bring an over the door shoe holder for the bathroom -- this hold toiletries and makeup. I bring another one for shoes in the closet. Not that we have many, but it holds my 2-3 pairs, DH's 2-3 pairs and little things like my evening purse and the camera bag and stuff.

    Then I bring a couple collapsible "cubes" from wal-mart. The lay flat in the bottom of the suitcase, and when "assembled" they do a great job of holding socks/underwear/t-shirts and workout clothes. That way, they're not splayed all over the shelves in the closet.

    It would be nice if they provided something like this in the closet, however, since they don't.. I'll take care of it myself.


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    Firstly thank you to everyone who has replied, your feedback is much appreciated. We too will be using the facilities there and use plenty of sports kit so great to know about the laundry service

    We originally booked an Atrium room but changed it to a Garden room (not sure if its a suite or GVS!) but I know we will have a brill time either way

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    I am soooo excited

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    Remember that 90% of your time will be spent on the beach or at the pool. You mainly need swimsuits and you don't need one for each day. 5-6 suits would be enough, just bring some Woolite to rinse out the suits.

    Because you are in your suits 90% of the time you hardly need any shorts or t-shirts. You will only want those if you go off property.

    In the evenings you will want some nice sundresses, but you only have these on for a couple of hours so you can wear them more than once. For a 2 week stay I will bring 5 sundresses.

    There are laundry services available.
    Juliann & Jeff
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    We have stayed at Csa many times,and will be there again end of week!(can't wait) so,yes we have found the storage,space lacking and this is what I did last year and it worked out quite well. I bought at Target the plastic storage cubby for over the door (for shoes) which I hung in bathroom (put tissue under hangers so not to scratch paint) in which I used to stuff all my bathroom products into,like hairspray,curl irons,etc...
    Then I bought a plastic sweater shelf you hang in closet and I used that to fold my shorts,tees,tanksswimwear,etc... It worked out amazingly and it was so lightweight I just stuffed it in side pocket of luggage!

    Hope this helps,it really helped us!Hubby used the shelves provided to fold his clothes in and I used the closet..we shared the hangers but their weren't many!

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    When we were away for two weeks on our honeymoon and did a split we just brought three bags.

    One each that had toiletries, sandals and half the clothes. Which we had to unpack and repack.

    Then the 3rd bag had clothes for each of us for the second week and we just unpacked that one at the second resort.

    You could prob. do something similar with a bag with some clothes that you wont need right away, then after half your stay swap them into drawers and hangers after some of the other clothes you have worn are dirty.

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