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    We have never booked air through a vacation website like Fun Jet, but the prices were lower than booking direct with Sun Country for our trip to CN December 26th. My question is how do you check in at Sun Country on the day we travel? Right now we have a fun jet confirmation number, but not a Sun Country one. I have called Sun Country and Fun Jet and they tell me that I should have a seat in the block of seats that Fun Jet reserved, but they do not assign names to the seats until the day or so before we travel and even then I cannot check in on-line or pre-check my bags on-line. I am nervous that Sun Country does not have my name and when I show up something will be wrong. Has anyone ever flown through Fun Jet and had this experience. I just need to put my mind at ease that I will have a flight out

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    I have always booked through fun jet. You must be flying out of Minneapolis? We went from there this past March and flew Sun Country. It is fine and you will get to pick your seats a believe a couple of days before you go. We also got to pay ahead for the luggage. We have gone through fun jet from Milwaukee also. We are from Lake Tomahawk, WI. Just curious where you are from? We hope to book through fun jet again for spring if able. We do it through our local travel agent though.

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    I have booked 6 vacations with Funjet and never had a problem.

    You are not able to check in online at the airline's website and you don't get your seat assignment until you check in at the airport. Bring your Funjet travel documents with you.

    When you arrive in Montego Bay, you can by-pass the Funjet reps and go directly to the Couples lounge as Couples provides your transportation to the resort.

    Have a great vacation!

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    Thank you both for your posts! I feel MUCH better! We are from a south suburb of Minneapolis called Shakopee. We were so happy to find a direct flight to MB at a decent price through Fun Jet. I am glad to hear that all will be fine.

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