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    I am looking to ask Santa for an Ereader for Christmas to take on our January trip to Jamaica. I see a lot of mention about Kindle. Has anybody used Kobo (for the Canadians out there)? Any comments about either especially for reading in the sun.

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    I was at CSA in mid October. I used my Kobo. It worked really well on the beach - no problem with glare etc. However, mine is one of the original versions that is not WIFI compatible. The new ones are. While we were there, the staff were working on installing an upgraded WIFI system on the resort so you should be able to upload books while you're there. It really saved a lot of weight in our luggage since I usually read at least 5 books in a week. Take one throw-away paper book though, to save your lounge on the beach.

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    I'm going to presume you can also get the Barnes & Noble Nook in Canada. My wife and I both have Nooks, and love them. One of our co-workers has a first generation Kindle, and is quite happy with it, so the Kindle is good. The nice thing about ereaders, if you get one with an e-ink screen (Kindle, Kobo, Nook {NOT the color Nook!}) is because of the way the screen works, glare is not a problem. The screen looks like very clean newspaper, rather than glossy magazine type paper. Easy to read in almost any light...

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    I have a Sony Reader PRS-505 and used it very successfully at CN in Jan2008.
    There was no glare and it was brilliant in direct sunlight by the pool or on the beach.
    It was my best ever purchase as I read loads and now there ae no weight issues with my luggage.
    Easy to charge in the room with the AC charger - remember to bring a plug adaptor

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    May I suggest looking at an iPad. My wonderful wife got me one about a month ago and it's great! You can download the apps for ibooks, kobo, kindle, etc. And it is a larger screen but still manageable! Plus it has wifi and the ability to email home. If you want to splurge you can get 3g also. Only reason I am saying this, is I had wanted an ebook reader, but nwo with this, it is so much better! Plus I can be a kid and play games,, lol!

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