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    Hello all. We will be at CSA Aug. 3rd thru the 10th. I was hoping that someone could help me with my questions concerning the dress codes for some of the restaurants. All of the restaurants say that no flip flops or beach slippers are allowed. I have a nice pair of sandals that are open toed. Is this acceptable? And it looks like Feathers is the only restaurant that requires long pants. Is this true? Thank you.

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    Nice sandals are acceptable. No rubber flip-flops like you would wear on the beach.

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    this topic drive me nuts before I went. What I noticed is the ONLY place that enforced dress code was feathers and to tell you the truth I saw a gal in there with beachy flip flops with her skirt!!! The other restaurants are ANYTHING goes. I went out and got new clothes and sandals and noticed the rubber flip flops being worn and also anything from skirts and dresses to capris and shorts! Really anything goes!! ( except feathers)

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    Really Tangles?
    We've been there 11 times and all 11 times we've seen the dresscodes enforced.

    Rubber beach flip flops are definitely NOT acceptable nor are tank tops for men (for dinner).

    Breakfast and lunch anything is fine, you must have on some kind of shoe (beach shoes are fine), men must wear a shirt and women must have on a cover up.

    The Cabana beach grill is the only "come as you are" eatery.

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    Well I guess I should say we didnt wear our swimsuit cover ups to "dinner" at the palms no. I did wear my $2.00 rubber beach flip flops ( they are colored, blue green ect..) to dinner several nights ( with a skirt or capris) and no one ever questioned that. My husband wore flip flops. Not rubber, but more of a cloth/leather, but stll flip flop style. He was worried because they were "flip Flop" style he wouldn't be OK, but it was never looked at. He wore a mixture of T-Shirts and Dress shirts to the other resturants his T-Shirts were nice ones, dressy type t-shirts, but still had no collar. I did see some women wearing tank tops to dinner. The kind I wear under shirts to layer with. The strappy kind I buy at Target for $5.00. Yes they had some nice capris or shorts on with them but to me that is not very dressed up. I guess I am just trying to say dont go out and buy a new wardrobe and new sandals that are not flip flop style like I did because I thought the resort was not a casual one. Once again we did see a guy walk into feathers and have to go to his room to change as he was not dressed to code. But dont get to uptight about the rest of the resturants at the resort.

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    Tangles66 is correct. We are here at CSA now and we have seen that anything goes within reason. A gentleman wore a white tank top style undershirt to dinner last night at the palms. We have seen many t-shirts and swim trunks at dinner as well. Shoes have been a must up until today at Patois. A gentleman was barefoot and was not turned away. I would say just be reasonable and don't be concerned. Feathers is the only restaurant requiring long pants and closed toe shoes. This restaurant is indoors so that shouldn't be a problem for anyone. Everything else is outdoors. Enjoy your vacation.

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