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    Default ***Run of the House room Poll for CN***

    I am very curious to know what room category you received upon arriving at Couples Negril when you had booked the run of the house category? Some say it's the worst location they have, others say you could be put anywhere.

    A suite would be sweet!!

    I feel like I am going to be in a "room lottery"....anything is possible they say....and I would love the big bathroom! Or is that hoping for too much??

    Thanks for any info!!

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    Default Always the room we booked

    Hi lhenry,

    In 7 trips, we've always received the room category we've booked at CN. Since there are very few suites, it's rare to get an upgrade to one. The "run of the house" rooms are perfectly fine, just a few steps further from the beach... literally, just a few steps. CN's layout is very compact, so it's not a far walk to anything (unless you've had too many Bob Marleys, then everything's a long walk!).

    I wouldn't get my hopes up for an upgrade. You'll love CN as much as we do.


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    As there are limited amount of suites at CN, I would imagine that you will have a gardenview room. I don't think there is a "worst" location at CN, it is after all CN. Run of the house does not mean the worst, but the most available.

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    Our first trip we had a ground floor gardenview room -- right next to the spa and pond. It was so quiet and peaceful. We obviously like it, as we've come back many times. It's possible that, if the resort is not very crowded or if the gardenview rooms have sold out, that you could be upgraded to a better room location.

    I would be surprised if you received a suite upgrade -- as noted, there are very few on the property. However, having stayed in both, the "regular" rooms are perfectly fine. We found ourselves spending very little time in the room -- there are so many things to do and it's so nice to sit outside, even in the evening.

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    Do not bet on a suite. Just enjoy, enjoy enjoy!

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    We've done run-of-house a number of times at CN, and have never been disappointed. The garden view rooms are fine. But how much time do you want to spend in the room? There's too much fun to be had outside!

    See you in Negril 7 December.

    Every time.
    Without a doubt.

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    I was also wondering if i booked the ROH room category at CN if they would even consider a request at check in from us for a 3rd floor room close to the AN beach? Or do you just get placed wherever there is a room and you can't make a request for a specific floor? I hope we have a chance to get the 3rd floor. It's not that we will be in the room a lot, I just don't want to be under anyone after our last vacation experience in the DR. Not to be picky but some people are really inconsiderate of others beneath them. I'd rather not be woken up every day before i'm ready to get up buy furniture, heels, whatever...Just really need to relax this trip..


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    I'm with you lhenry, we don't want to be on a lower floor either. Upon arrival at the resort just ask nicely if there are any 3rd floor rooms available in any of bldg's 6 thru 9. It can't hurt to ask.

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    Any room is great. You can send them an E-mail ahead of time, and while they do not take room requests, you could volunteer for a third floor room. In my opinion, and since I can't handle climbing stairs very well, they may be happy to have someone who wants a third floor room. Oh, by the way, there are no elevators.

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