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    Default Need quick advice from the pros

    I have a choice between CTI and couples Negril. We have been to CTI and had the time of our lives...made great friends...we loved it! We wanted to live there. However, I have never been on the Negril side and thinking of trying CN...I think I can convince my boyfriend even though he's stuck on CTI...we need to book by Weds and this is for April spring break...both places are equally at a good price right now...what to do? ADVICE PLEASE

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    I'd say give CN a try. You will love the beach on the Negril side of the island. You have the opportunity to walk the beach which you can't do at CTI. Of course all Couples Resorts are great, just my two cents worth.

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    We went to CTI the first 3 years we went to Jamaica. We loved CTI and were afraid if we switch to try somewhere new we wouldn't be happy. Then CTI closed for their renovations. We took a chance and booked that year at CN. Very glad we did. We loved CN as much as CTI, but for very different reasons so much so that we weren't sure we would like the changes at the new CTI. Last year we tried CSS and did trading spaces to get a good look at the new CTI and liked what we saw. Now we have 2 homes, CTI on the Ohci side and CN on the Negril side. and we flip every other year. Take a chance you won't be disappointed either way.

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    I would suggest that you see the other side of the island, Negril is spectacular.

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    My wife and I are split between CSS and CN as to which one we love the best. It's pretty much a draw, we love both equally for different reasons. We've also been to CSA but not to CTI (yet).
    My point is, if we hadn't ventured off our beloved CN to go to CSS, we would never had found out what an incredible resort it is. The one consistent you can count on is that it's Couples. You will have wonderful service and food at any of the resorts so it pretty much comes down to location. My suggestion, check out CN and experience the incredible sunsets and beach that it has to offer. We spent 08' & 09' at CSS and this year it was CSA. Now it's time to head back to CN in 144 days.

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    Having been to both mentioned resorts, CN is our favorite. Negril has the white sand beaches and bigger beaches, they are not private though. I think the snorkeling and scuba are better at CN as well. I would say try CN and if you don't like it see if you can be moved to CTI. Either way its a win win for you guys being in Jamaica at Couples!!

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    I highly recommend CN and the Negril area. The beach is incredible. It would be a great idea to check out the Negril side of the island. Go for it!
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    We've been to 3 of the 4 Couples resorts, to include CTI, and felt it only fair that we check out all the resorts. So after exploring the Ochi resorts, CSS and CTI, we tried CSA this past year and will be staying at CN next year. You may want to give CN a shot so as to experience Negril. But if you and your boyfriend are happy with CTI it doesn't hurt to keep going there either.

    Hope this helps,

    Bart & Bug

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    Couples Negril....the beach makes it perfect.

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    If you love CTI, then you'll probably love CN as well. They both have a somewhat similar layout with a more compact setting and a central meeting area which, in my opinion, provides for a more social atmosphere. Instead of trying to choose between the two, we alternate them.

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    Negril's beach is amazing. We've been there twice, and had originally booked CTI for our upcoming trip, but switched back to CN when we realized that the beach really cannot be beat

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    Never been to CTI, but been to CN 5 times. People rave about the beach and love the swim up pool bar. The sand is silky smooth -- you just want to run your feet through it all the time. The water is super calm and you can go out forever without getting over your head. You can walk about a mile along the beach (passing other resorts). The resort is relatively small, which we like, with a large and deep beach for its size.

    There are only two types of rooms -- regular rooms and suites. They look identical inside -- the only difference is location. The pictures on the site are accurate. Because the buildings are at angles to the water, no room is truly "oceanfront" in that it fully fronts the ocean. However, most rooms face the beach, many allow you to walk out onto sand, and no room is more than about 60 seconds walking from the beach!

    I think you'll be happy at either place.

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    Default Choose CTI again!

    Thank you to everyone who gave their awesome opinions. We booked CTI and are going April 16th to the 23rd of 2011...can't wait...AND we will be repeat excited!

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    We went to CTI this year and had a great time. It was our first experience a four years ago. The other two years have been at CN. While both have their advantages, we prefer CN for the beach and scuba shop. CTI is good for the island and off site adventures. Either way you can't go wrong, but we're going back to Negril next year.

    Tim and Ang

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    Just remember the beach is not private at CN..if that is important to you..have fun!

    CSA 2009, 2014 [20th anniversary]
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