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    Default Black Friday Special for all Couple Resorts

    I have a great idea Randy. Since I let my family talk me out of booking when u had the great deals, the prices are very high right now. We want to come so bad as we do every year and we have made a huge mistake listening to other people and now we are going to have to pay the price, literally lol. I think you should have a Black Friday sale, one day only 5 a.m. - 10:00 a.m. like the stores do. Then maybe we will be able to come in January. What does everyone else think? Of course you all already booked, wow was that a huge mistake. PLEASE RANDY! We want to come home so bad, we miss our CSA. Our last trip was 12/09 I really need to come home. Thank you hope you consider it. Have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!!

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    I also waited too long and did not book for Jan, 2011 ( they had a great Wednesday special a month ago for Jan , 2011 travel, but I missed the boat ). I need to come back so bad - we just did the secret rendez vous for January, 2011. We really want CSA, however, decided , that ANY Couples resort is what we need right now !

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