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    Default Returning to CSA soon

    It's hard to believe another year has gone by. I guess that makes us another year older but we can put that out of our minds when we realize we'll be returning to CSA for our fourth visit in less than two weeks.

    Looking forward to meeting old friends and making new ones.

    See you soon,
    Bob and Marge

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    Default We're Here!

    We've been here 6 days now and just want to say that everything we've been experiencing has met or exceeded our expectations!

    Even the flight down was great. We left Philadelphia on our favorite airline, Air Jamaica, on time and landed in Montego Bay a half hour early. Unbelievable. Tim Air flew us to Negril. Kurtis was our pilot and he made the short trip very entertaining.

    I was the copilot (well not really, Kurtis wouldn't let me fly the plane) but it was an awesome experience to sit in that seat.

    The weather has been a little cool by Jamaica standards but all I have to think about is the 11 degree Fahrenheit temperature at home to put it in perspective.

    Well, on to continuing our vacation. Thanks for listening.

    Bob and Marge

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    Please say hi to Horatio. Tell him "see ya later" from Boston Mike and Pat. Thanks!

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    So lucky - ENJOY every moment! Hope to see a review upon your return.

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    When you say that the weather has been Jamaican "cool"...what temps are we talking about?

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