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    Default Randymon need your help

    I need to see about buying the book on Abe Issa that is located in the CTI gift shop. If I can buy it in the states let me know I have searched. If not, is there a way to purchase from the MIA office. I was told last night to send an email and I did but no response as of yet. I'm looking for this for my husband's birthday present which is next week.
    He loves the history of this place and the special meaning it has for us. If you will be of assistance I would truly appreciate it. Hoping to return for our 5th trip next year! It was good to see you while we were there.


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    Hi Cecelia, has a few copies for $225.00 each. I have asked sharie gordon, sharie at couples dot com to try to get you a less expensive copy from one of the resorts. I am not certain we can get it to you by next week, but if so, you will need to pay heavy shipping costs from Jamaica. Give Sharie a shout via email.

    Couples Resorts

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