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    Default New Year's at CTI?

    Does anyone know what will be happening for New Year's Eve/day at CTI?
    If anyone's been there in the past, what did they do?
    The gala is usually Sat. night, which is Jan.1. Do you think they'll move it to New Year's Eve, or do something entirely different?

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    Default You are in for a treat!

    I was there last New Years Eve, December 2009-2010! They really do it up! It all starts at about 7:30. They set up a stage in between the pool and the patio restaurant. There are various groups who perform: last year a sax player, a steel drum band called The Thunderbirds I think, there were a few solo artist, a contortionist. They set up tables around the main pool! It is beautiful, candlelit, trees with white xmas tree lights, etc. they move all of the tables out of the patio and turn the entire room into a buffet. You can venture around the room and pic what you would like to eat...they had alot of seafood dishes, carving stations, desserts, etc. It was really beautiful. After the buffet, the house band performs in the patio like usual, followed by a couple of headliner singers who toast in the new year. Everyone was dressed up! The band played until 2 or 3...late I remember. Over in the patio hot food buffet area, the staff congregate and toast in the new year. You can join them and take pics if you wish. I wish they could have toasted in the New Year with the guest instead of being to the left of us in one big group. You will receive alot of party favors and all you can drink champagne of course. They have wait staff to bring you your drinks. Honestly, the group of us was the craziest, my friends danced on stage several times. The band told us we started the party. I am going back for spring break but will miss their New Years eve....hop this helps and please enjoy yourself!

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    Default Thanks :)

    Thanks for the reply. It sounds absolutely wonderful! But then it is Couples, so how could it not be?

    We were at another resort in MoBay for New Year's 2007 and the entertainment was the same old dull and cheesy stuff they had every day. So we went onto the beach, by the water's edge and rang it in ourselves. I guess nothing is bad when you're with the one you love.

    But I was just curious what to expect at CTI. We'll certainly plan to dress up a little.

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