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    Default Are Rooms quiet?

    I was a little concerned about going back to an all inclusive resort. We went to Sandals a few years ago, and I got very little sleep the wholw week. People were still yelling at 2AM almost every night. We changed rooms but the 2nd room was just as bad.

    I hope that Couples has quiet rooms, after midnight.

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    All we heard were tree frogs in the Atruim suite at CSA

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    I have been to CSA three times and CN once and have only dealt with loud noise on one occassion. I stayed in a beachfront suite right next to The Palms at CSA. They have live entertainment most nights. The shows didn't last very late so it really wasn't an issue (we weren't even in our rooms during the performances. I ran back to our room to get something and noticed how loud it was. Other than that I haven't had a problem at all! I have been to several all inclusive resorts where the travelers are drunk and very loud. I have not witnessed this at any of the Couples resorts. Don't get me wrong, the guests do have a great time at all of the Couples resorts; but it is also not like a spring break party scene either.

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    The resorts are nice and quiet and REALLY romantic. The house band stops around 10:30pm and then the action moves to the piano bar which doesn't disturb any rooms. The grounds are quiet and you can get plenty of sleep without being disturbed. Try a Couples, you will love it! The resorts do not have different 'levels' like the "S" resort. It doesn't matter which room you book you get the same great service. I highly recommend a Couples resort.
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    Hi Tol. We're "3-peaters" at CN and headed for our 4th annual on Thursday! Can only speak for CN although we're doing a split CSA/CN trip this time. NEVER had any issue with noise @ CN. Safe to safe, a "different crowd" comes (and keeps returning) to Couples vs. Sandals. My impression of Sandals - caters more to the younger crowd, late night dance parties, etc. All fun at times...just not all the time. Nightlife at Couples (CN) is great fun but fairly tame. If you're doing an A/I resort to drink into stupor and party all night, couples is probably not your best choice. Looking for an amazing atmosphere, great service, awesome people and wonderful food/drink anytime, you're at the right place...

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    The whole resort is pretty quiet after 10. Tree frogs are pretty loud though.

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    My husband and I were at CSA in September and after about 10pm the resort is pretty much dead. We would sit out on our patio and you could hear a pin drop. Every once in a while a couple or some staff would walk by that late, but there was never a noise issue. There were a couple of nights where we could hear the music from Margaritaville down the beach, but once we got inside it wasn't a big deal.

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    We've stayed at CSA and CSS. We like to sleep with our verandah doors open at night and listen to the ocean and the tree frogs. We've rarely had problems with loud groups or music. On this past trip in January to CSA, a group moved in two floors below us towards the end of our trip, and they were definitely the party spot for their group late night. We could not hear them at all once I closed our verandah doors and turned on the air conditioning.

    At CSS, we stayed in a beachfront jacuzzi suite, which was across the Main Lawn from the beach bar (which stays open late at night). On one night out of ten, there was a wedding party there until the wee hours. Again, once I closed the verandah doors and turned on the air, it didn't bother us.

    I only point out these two exceptions to show that Couples caters to couples and provides a quiet, romantic atmosphere.

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    No problems mon!

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    Thanks, for the great replies. We will at CSS 2/23 to 3/2. I have read very few negatives about Couples. I am looking forward to scuba and the Hobie Cats

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    We were awakened from a sound sleep at about 3 am at CN in September by someone trying to enter our room through the doorwall until we heard his wife shout, "John, you idiot! That's not our room!"
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    We have stayed at CSS and CTI several times and only heard noise one night from a wedding party and it wasn't that annoying.

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    Only if there is a thunderstorm or windstorm. Otherwise, its quiet.

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    That's too funny Pamela!!! lol

    We couldn't agree more with the replies, CN has always been very peaceful to us. I get the best nights sleep there, the beds are so comfy and I love the duvet. After drinking and sunning all day I'm out like a light!

    9 days to go!!!! yippeeee

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    We are at CTI right now. We moved from our original room because of noise. It was right by the elevator and a few times during our first night, people would be outside our room saying, "oodnight" to friends. They were not being rowdy or intentionally load. The problem was only that they were right outside our room. Couples moved us and it has been "No problem, Mon." since.

    You will love Couples and they are pretty quiet around the rooms at night, in general.
    Happy & Safe Travels!


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    Quote Originally Posted by pamela View Post
    we were awakened from a sound sleep at about 3 am at cn in september by someone trying to enter our room through the doorwall until we heard his wife shout, "john, you idiot! That's not our room!"

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