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    Did anyone do welcome bags for their wedding guests? If so, what did you put in them?

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    I am working on mine now. This is what is going in them. Welcome letter, thanking them for coming, first aid kits, wedding survial kit ( pepto, tylenol. sunscreen, aloe (all travel sizes) bug repellent, hand sanitizer, tide to go pen. Also some gum, breath mints, note pad and pen, key chain, (vista print is my friend lol you can get all kinds of free stuff, sometimes you have to make multiple orders but you just pay for the shipping), pashminas for the ladies and personalized golf balls for the guys. I think thats about it, just been buying the stuff slowly.

    I am also doing a pre-travel newsletter about 1 month before we travel. They will be getting a luggage tag, cd of jamaican and our wedding music(to get them in the mood for Jamaica lol) and a brochure with important info (again vista print)

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    we were married at CSA 11/06/10. I had a beach bag with sunscreen, bug spray, body butter, emergen-C & a koozie in it for each guest. The best thing in the bag, besides the beach bag itself was the Koozie- they fit around the glasses & plastic cups perfectly! Hope that helps, Congratulations, have a blast!!

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    I put everything into a beach bag (one bag per couple), included aloe vera gel, sunscrean lip balm x2, waterproof camera, travel/beach photo album from target, bandana x2, beach themed notepad, and battery tea light candles (got idea on the "things to bring" link) ... thats all i can really remember.

    I know for my bridesmaid bags, i threw in some fun make-up, nail polish, and jewlery too.

    the bag, camera, and album was all the "big" stuff i think we had. Then i just threw in all kinds of stuff i would find here n there at the dollar store, and dollar aisle of target, etc!

    I do wish i would have sent along a CD of our fave "jamaican" music and/or wedding songs, but we weren't that organized in time...

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    I have been thinking about this and have decided to put together a bag of....a personalised fortune cookie (with a message from us inside thanking everybody for comming) A letter and some bubbles in a personalised bottle, thought bubbles would make a good alternative to confetti? not sure what else yet, I'm gunna keep reading this thread to get some idea's!

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    Have you all found a website or location where you can get these items in bulk? We have about 40 people coming and that would cost a fortune if we bought everything separately at cvs or something like that. Let me know. Thank you! I think this is a great idea!

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    Ash here is a good site for travel sizes

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    The best thing I put in mine was a few mix cd's. Each room at couples has a cd player, and no one really thinks to bring a cd with them to the resort so they were a big hit. I had guests with a mix of ages and tastes so I just put on fun songs that would be a hit with everyone. I was so much fun hear everyone singing the same songs since we all had the same things in our heads.

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    I'm getting a few little travel size items from a website called We are also adding a welcome card, the wedding day activity card, a travel size tropical candle from Bath and Body Works, and a small wine favor.

    I didn't want to add too much since we have to bring all these items along in our luggage.

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