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    Default iPod players at CSA

    OK so this September is trip 12 for us.
    This will be the first trip that the resort has had the iPod player (docking) - I'm old I don't know what they are called.

    It's also the first trip that I have an iPod (I'm still learning how to use it!). What's that they say about old dogs and tricks? LOL!

    Anyway, mine is an iPod Nano. As I understand it, they are smaller than the original iPod. Do I need some kind of adapter or something to use this player (to listen and to charge it)?

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    Have a nano as well. It is a combo AM/FM/Ipod radio. Change the player to Ipod mode (1 0f 2 buttons below the volume controls) Pop the Ipod on top of the player in usb port. Press your Ipod to Play and if you have a deck sit back, have a drink, listen and enjoy

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    Short answer, no... you don't need the shape adapter to use most docking stations.

    It WILL make it easer to insert and remove your nano if you bring the shape adapter along... just don't forget to take it home with you.

    Hope that helps...

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