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    Default Chad & Adri - Tying the knot @ CSA 6-9-11

    We loved our visit to CSA so much in '09...we decided to have our "wedding-moon" here! Now the planning begins...

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    I am also getting married on that day but at CSS.

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    Default Congratulations!

    We have never been to CSS....that is on our bucket list...still trying to find that perfect beachy but not too formal dress

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    I will be at csa from june 5-11th we are getting married there on the 8th

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    WOW! I can't believe we leave for CSA 1 week from tomorrow - and then our BIG day 6/9/11! Still deciding what our first drink will be when we arrive (not counting the champagne @ checkin)

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    How about starting at A and working your way down?

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    Excellent idea! :0>

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