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    Default Finally Booked our Weddingmoon ♥ 12 ♥ 12 ♥ 2011

    Any Brides- To - Be arriving at Couples Negril and Couples Swept Away during the wonderful month of December (Dec. 9-14 Couples Negril and Dec. 14-19 Couples Swept Away) ?

    So excited Happy Day Today !

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    Congratulations Lorrie! I just booked a CSA wedding for 5/16/12 and it seems sooooo far away!

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    Congratulations on your wedding at CNN and Honeymoon at CSA. Come on over to the Dec 2011 thread and meet some of the people that will be at CSA during Dec. Monica and I will look forward to meeting you. You can help us celebrate our 4th anniversary.

    Mike and Monica
    Jamaica Soon Come.
    Bob Marleys for everyone!!!!

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    Default Far Away

    Thank you Stacie and Congratulations to you too !! Yes, i agree ...even December seems so far away. It has been a long wait for us and we are getting very excited. Jamaica really feels like the right place to be to celebrate such a wonderful event ♥

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    Hey Mike and Monika,
    Thank you and we sure will help you celebrate your 4 year Anniversary !! Henry and I can not wait to meet you in December at Swept Away ! Yipeee

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