I believe that today is Saturday. As yet, I have no confirmation. The skys are bright light blue with massive cloud formations. The strong wind, about 30-40mph, keeps the overhead cotton white puffy clouds in constant motion. The ever present sun trys it's best to shine down on us, but they are momentary glimses.

The island is closed for the moment, due to the wind. Everyone is waiting to see when, or if, the dreaded red flag will come down. Last week, we got to San Souci for the day. Not sure what will happen today.

You will be glad to know that the beach is being repaired. There have been men working every day to clean the junk that keeps coming ashore. They are also shoveling sand from the waters edge, and tossing it to where the beach has droped off. In a few months, you will never know that it had a problem.

The food has been wonderful, as it usually is. Last night was lobster night and we got dressed up for Eight Rivers. oven baked lobster tail, rice and veggies. The whole meal only took about an hour, not slow at all,as I have heard some guests say. But their seating time may have contributed to the long delay between courses.

Almost every time we return to this oaisis, some staff member is gone. I am happy to report that no one was gone. There are smiling happy faces everywhere you look. If you were here before the renovation, and you rembemberd the feel and the aromas that you loved, be assured, that is all still here. You see it in the reflection in the mirror when you find yourself grinning from ear to ear. You see it on every man and every woman that you have ever known here. New faces perhaps, but the same warmth and kindness and friendship, bubbling out of each of them. It's just so good to come home.

Syl is in town with a friend of ours, taking care of gift gathering. It's been a wonderful trip in spite of unpredictable and often, non co-operating weather. For now, we frolic our time away. Each frolic brings us closer and closer to the "last day time". Rested, reconnected, rejuvinataed and more. We return to our "other life" and begin the countdown again for the April Amigos.

Love each other.