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Thread: Parasailing??

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    Default Parasailing??

    2 1/2 days to go until CN! Can't wait!

    Will we be able to parasail at CN? If so, has anyone done it? Is it safe?


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    Yes. A boat comes by with a guy shouting "parasailing!" It costs $90 per couple. We did it. It was fun. This question was asked before, and some people questioned the safety of parasailing in Jamaica, but we felt safe and would do it again.

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    Ok. Thanks. I thought it might be included with the other water sports activities.

    Is that $90 cash or will they take a credit card?

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    They take us dollars.Jet skiing was really fun too.We did that a few years ago at CSA and it was 50 bucks I think for a half hour.You can dicker with them.

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    yes and yes totally safe. Be sure and talk them down a little on the $$ I am not real fond of heights and loved it!!

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