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    Default Day Visit to Couples Negril?

    We will be at CSA Dec 4th ..... and toying with a visit down the road to Couples Negril. Anybody else done it? What did you think? Was it a problem not having "a room to go back to" if needed? This will be our 5th trip to CSA, and thought maybe it was time to check out Negril. Walking the CSA beach stretch is great..... is the beach walking as interesting if your starting from Couples Negril?

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    We were at CSA this past April and did the "Trading Places" visit to CN. It was good to see what CN has to offer. We did the orientation upon arrival to see where things were then spent the day enjoying the resort. We've been to 3 of the 4 Couples resorts and this helped us to determine to stay at CN next year. It wasn't a problem not having a room. We brought a beach bag and had everything we needed. We didn't walk the beach but plan to when we return for our stay. IMHO it's worth doing as we were able to look at a room and get an idea of the resort and layout before we committed to staying there.

    Bart & Bug

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    We did the trading places program this past January to CN from CSA. We loved it. It was a great opportunity to see CN. We did not feel the loss of not having a room, since we hung out on the beach and by the pool almost all day. There are plenty of restrooms if necessary. You are really only there for about 6 hours, so it's not like it's the entire day. Bloody Bar is a little different than the stretch of 7 mile beach near CSA.

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    We did it while we were there this past October.We have been to CSA five times and the year before we went to CN. We did the day trip mainly to see Angelica and to play Bocci. We did both. We ate lunch and had a few drinks at the pool bar. We didn't stay the whole time. I believe they were supposed to pick us up at 4. We had no problem getting a ride back earlier.

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