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    Default Live from CTI

    Well, boys and girls. Where shall I begin?
    Lets start with the weahter. It hasn't been great. We arrived on Wednesday and that was the first sunny day they had here in about a week. Mostly, it's been very overcast with fairly strong winds. It hasn't really dampened our spirits. We have been over at TI with a great crowd. We're just going with the flow. There is no water on the island. There are two large trash barrels filled with water. After your business has been conducted, we pour the water to flush it. They are still working on the water line.

    The beach. From the towel house to the dive shop and a little beyond. There is about a two foot drop in the sand. There is still plenty of beach left for sunning. Down by Bayside, lots of the sand has come in where there used to be rocks. Not to worry. In less than six months the beach will replenish it self.

    As always, there have been some wonderful people to meet. There is laughter everywhere. As it should be.

    This Monday afernoon is cloudy and there is a tiny mist that keeps falling. Not a big deal.

    Everything else that you remember is as it should be. Great food and drink. Great staff. Life is good.

    I doubt that I will find the time to post again. Take care of each other.


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    Hi Richie,
    Sorry that the weather has not improved since we left. I was hoping that we would take the bad weather with us and leave the sunshine for CTI!

    You are right when you say that there has been wonderful people to meet! We had a great time with the people at TI.

    I posted pictures from your birthday dinner at Bayside so please don't miss out on them!

    Hopefully our paths will cross again at CTI!

    Lee Ann Mitchell

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    Nice to hear from you, it has been a long time.

    Wish we were there with you.
    Irie Mon

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    Default Great time

    Hey crabracer I just wanted to tell you from the Alabama 4 that you met we had a great time. Thanks to you and your wife for helping make our stay a fun time. We will definately return because of great people just like you!

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    From the Alabama 4- thanks for a great time! We enjoyed meeting you and your wife and will definately return just because of people like you! You will always be the mayor to us-

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    Default Hope the sun has returned!

    We returned home to snow on the ground in CO!

    Richie, wanted to let you know that Patrick left you eye drops at the front desk. Hope they made it to you.

    You are right about all the laughs at the Island. What a wonderful fun group of people at TI this week. We loved it. And loved our time with you and Sylvia. Hope you have a safe trip home!

    Give a shout to those great guys at the dive shop for us!

    Patrick and Stacey

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    I cannot even begin to describe the amazing times at CTI Last week. Had tons of fun on tower isle, met quite a few awesome people. It was great meeting you Richie and Sylvia and we hope to see you there next year We also arrived home to -26 Degrees Celcius and four inches of snow. Since returning we have gotten 3 more inches to make a horrible 7 inches lol. Missing Jamaica!!!

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