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    Default Salty "snack" foods at CN?

    Quick question- will be at CN in 18 days- I know that the beach grill is open late night/all night and serves ice cream, burgers etc., but I wanted to see if there was anyplace to get "muchies" during the day/evening- and by that I mean popcorn, beer nuts, chips, etc.- when I drink beer, I get cravings for salty snacks, especially as the day wears on. I'm happy to pack my own snack supplies, but thought I'd check to see what the resort might have first. Thanks!

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    I'm not really a snack person, but I've noticed that a lot of CN guests enjoy the make-your-own nachos available at the Beach Grill.
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    Popcorn in the games room.

    Nacho chips at the side of the beach grill.

    On several nights the piano bar will have warmed salty nuts before dinner time (~5pm or so, on the back wall near the entrance to the bar).

    Incidentally, ice cream isn't "served" at the beach grill. It is a self-serve machine and you can walk up and get some whenever you want.

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    I am the same way!! When those salty craving hit you, head over to the game room (next to Lychee), they have a popcorn cart in there!! If there isn't any popcorn made, I just pop up a fresh batch for myself. (they have popcorn carts at my workplace so I know exactly how to make it!) Or I'm sure you can grab a nearby staff member and ask if someone can pop some up for you too! They have bags there so you can fill a few up for yourself and take them with you wherever you may wander! There is also always tortilla chips and nacho fixin's available at the Beach Grill ... they make AWESOME late night snacks!! You will LOVE CN, we are returning home for our third trip in only 4 more sleeps, and I can't wait!!

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    The beach grill also has tortilla chips and all the makings for nachos....GREAT snack. As far as peanuts and other things, I didn't see those but loved the nacho station set up in there.

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    There are nachos available in the Grill and popcorn available in the game room.
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    The news stand has salty treats...chips, nuts, candy bars, etc. They are open during the day.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Coloradojuli View Post
    There are nachos available in the Grill and popcorn available in the game room.
    I love their popcorn so when we were there in March, I headed right over to the game room and there it was!! Then the machine disappeared for a few days! It was horrible! The same thing happened last year too. I don't know if it breaks down or they take it out for cleaning or what but you might be safer (and cheaper) bringing your own snacks. One can not live by nachos alone!!

    18 days??!! NICE!

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