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    Default Rum Suggestions to buy as gifts

    Hi everyone,

    I'm not a big rum drinker expect for Malibu. Since we're going to be in Jamaica next week I would buy a couple of bottles for family members to give as gifts for Christmas. Does anyone have any suggestions for Jamaican rum? Also where should we buy it?

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    Buy your rum at the airport. That way you won't have to store it or lug it around. Plus you'll have a good 3 hours of airport-time for shopping.

    We saw some cute little bottles of rum and rum cream at one of the airport stores. They only cost 3 or 4 dollars so they'd make great gifts. Appleton rum is very nice.

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    Yes, buy in the airport on your way out. we became huge fans of Appleton on our first visit in 2008. We will be visiting the Appleton Estate this next trip!

    Tammie & Mike
    CSS Mar'12/CSA Nov '12/CSA Dec '13/CSA Feb '15

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    Sangsters Rum Cream!!! You can't go wrong!

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    Ditto on buying it at the airport. The higher end Appleton Rum and the coconut Appleton would be my suggestions. Keep in mind you are limited in the amount (volume per person) you can bring home duty-free (not taxed) and depending on your flight connections home, you may be required to put your liquor purchases into your checked baggage. We fly back from Montego Bay to Philadelphia and have to change to a regional plane, and I always forget to leave room for the rum!

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    Appleton is available in the States so you might want to just buy it here and not lug it home with you. The Cream Rums are not available in the States so you would need to carry those home with you.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    Appleton is available in the US, however, the Reserve is not. (At least not in Wisconsin). Bottle looks the same, just Reserve instead of the date. If I remember, only 7 and 12 year is availble here, bring home a 25 or 30 year. And of course Rum Cream.

    Anyone know how much you can bring back? It's been awhile?

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    Default Rum Mon

    Buy and try Blackwell Rum!!!! It is fabulous, and can only be purchased in Jamaica right now.
    Fruits of Mr. Blackwell, the mastermind behind Bob Marley.
    It is floral and smooth.
    Yea mon.

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    Default Rum

    Buy your Rum at the appleton 12 year as a nice gift.......27$ a bottle at the airpost 39$ in the U.S....also Blackwell rum.....35$ a bottle , very hard to find in the U.S......if your looking to spend the big bucks....or if you want to buy for me (lol)... maybe Santa or my wife is reading 21 year.$$$...or the one I like best, Edwin Charley..small bottle start at 120$.....Large bottles.$$$$$$...all the above are some of the finest rums in the world,that should be experieced neat or on the rocks.

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