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    Default CSA - room odour?

    Hello, we have previously stayed at CSS and CTI and have not experienced room odour. Presently we are booked for CSA in Marc in a beach front verandah suite. I have been reading that these rooms have an odour. Do all room categories have this odour? I have a sensitive sniffer and am worried that it will bother me. Does CN have the same problem? If anyone has stayed at CSS - how do the rooms compare as far as odour. We have stayed beachfront and up on the cliff and never noticed a problem. Thanks in advance for your help.

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    I am allergic to mold and mildew and get migraines from many different smells and odors too. We have always stayed in Atriums or Beachfront Suites. They have screens without glass on three sides of the room so the air is always moving and fresh. Since the room is never sealed up there is no mold or mildew and you don't get that musty, humid odor you would have in a room that has not been allowed to air out.

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    We've been to both CSS and CSA and didn't notice any odor while at CSA. As melody said, the beachfront suites are open so there's always air movement and plenty of fresh air.

    Bart & Bug

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    We smelled it in an Ocean Verandah when we first walked in, but once we got the ac going it went away. I prefer the Atriums because of this...they are better suited to the climate.

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    Default No smells to speak of

    My wife and I stayed in the BFVS last feb, which we loved by the way. Anyway, I can honestly say that I never noticed any type of Odor. These types of rooms are in the new section of the resort and have glass on the windows and fairly good A/C. I would be surprised if you notice any type of odor. Have fun on our vacation.

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    Default Odor

    We are at CSA right now, in a beachfront suite. We have been here since Saturday the 20th. I can happily say that we have detected no odor whatsoever. We are having a fabulous time! The staff here are nothing short of incredible!

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    We stayed in a beachfront verandah suite in October, same as you are booked for March. I had also read about the odor and was concerned. When we initially arrived I did notice the odor and I don't really know how to describe it, musty isn't quite right but it's something like that. I also have a real "thing" about smells and I was worried about what I'd think about this but by the first morning I wasn't even noticing it anymore and when we got home I didn't notice the smell on our clothes.

    It was raining when we arrived and we were told it had been raining for at least 24 hours so the humidity was quite high even for what we know it to be in Jamaica. There is a lot of wood in the rooms and I wonder if the smell is related to the humidity and the wood as I noticed the same smell in one of the restaurants that also has a lot of wood. Again, after that first day I never noticed it again.

    I'd say go and don't worry about it. You may or may not notice it initially on your arrival but if you don't focus on it you'll soon forget about it. CSA is amazing and you'll love it.

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    We just got home from CSA beachfront suite. No odor. Mosquitoes on the other hand? Bring bug spray. Absolutely a perfect time though, sans the mosquito bites.

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    Been to CSA3 times in 3 different types of rooms. Never smelled any odor other than clean Jamaican sea air. MMMMMMMMMM Good! No worries mon.

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