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    Has anyone who's stayed at CSA made the trip to play golf here? If so, any advice? I've seen photos of both this course and Negril Hills- night and day.

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    Hi! We have played the White Witch. It's a great course with incredible views and yes, a comparsion to Negril Hills is night & day. The course is just a few miles past the airport in Rose Hall. While we have not played the course while staying at CSA, after our time in Negril, we have stayed over in Montego Bay just to play there. But it is "do-able" from CSA. Just count on about a 2 hour ride each way. Have you considered playing at Tryall? Another beautiful course & it's a little closer to CSA because it's on this side of the airport in Hopewell. Just a thought. But you can have a good time at Negril Hills too - my hubby plays several times during our stay. BTW when will you be at CSA? We're booked for Jan 23rd to Feb 3rd. My hubby would consider making a day of it to go play there! Hope this helps! Cindy

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    We are going end of January for my husbands birthday and plan to play.
    It is however about a 2 hour trip from Swept Away, give or take, where as Negril Hills is 10 minutes.
    Of course the cost is much higher, I believe my husband said about $185 per person for a round.
    When were you planning on going? I will be glad to give more info after we come back.

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    played the witch when i stayed in montego. I believe the drive there and back would be time prohibitive.

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    Default golf

    Have played both yes night and day-you have to go all the way back to Mo Bay and then out to Rose Hall a long way to go-can always play Tryall-you will pass on the way out to CSA

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    Thank you for all the information! My wife and I will be at CSA from February 19th to the 26th. I looked at photos of Tryall online, and it's amazing, but I'm not sure if I want to make a day of it. It also seems like an expensive day! I'm guessing if I get the urge to play, Negril Hills will be the place. How is the scenery there?

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