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    Default Valentines Week! Who will be there!..;)

    Hey Everyone,
    Just starting to think ahead to Febuary, can't wait to get back to Jamaica, and CTI, and our Island Home.. Who else will be joining us? Share your pics.. Only 86 Days to go till we are back home..

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    Karen and I will be there. The day after you. We may actually be bringing a guest couple with us too. Our friends and neighbors are thinking of coming. I just bought a new camera so maybe will try and take a pic and get it posted.

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    We'll be there the 3rd to the 8th, maybe we'll see you for a day or 2?

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    I will be there to wish you a happy valentines day

    But you knew that

    -The Captain

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    OK, here is my attempt at adding a pic. From our 8-8-8 wedding.
    Attached Images Attached Images  

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    We will be there the 4-18th! Couples and AN virgins, hope we are brave enough LOL

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    Beautiful picture Kevin.. You guys look so happy....

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    See you there Holster, welcome to the couples family! And if you are going to go to the island make sure you do it on your first day....Then no regrets at the end of the week if you end up having a great time out there!

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    You'll love it.

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    We will be at CSS from 12-19 Feb 11 so we may take one day to visit CTI to see the changes that were made since we stayed there. Of course we will have to visit the island during that visit.
    Don & Rae

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    Where are all the Valentines folks! I know you are out there..
    Hope to see you for a day Don & Rae, the changes they have made are lovely. (I do miss bayside though)

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    We will be at CSS for 2/4-2/18. We are also going to see about making a day trip over to CTI. It will be our first rip to CTI and if all the reviews I've read about it then it wont be our last! To those that we dont see, a early "Happy Valentines Day" to you all!

    Kevinm - Great wedding picture! Wow what a great anniversary date!
    Jon & Heather
    May '05, Feb '11 - CSS

    Making arrangements for February 2012!

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    Default It is getting so close!

    We can't wait for our quick trip! Spirit air changed our flights so we are missing more of our last day... but at least we will be there. South Carolina has been so cold this year, we even got some snow! I can't wait to feel sun on my buns.

    Love the wedding picture Kevin. Karen looks so puuurrrty (as we say down here)

    See you soon,
    Josh and Nikki Feb 13-17th

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    S&J will be there Feb. 10 - 17. Along with Holster, we are 1st timers to both Couples and AN. Looking forward to a great trip and a new experience. See you all there!

    39 Days and Counting!!!

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    S&J if you do it....we will do it LOL! I am more excited for this trip than I have been in years, and we travel alot! See you on the beach (and in the buff??)

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    OK there has to be more Valentines people so I am bumping this back up...

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    Quote Originally Posted by nikki.josh_Kwajkid View Post
    ..., we even got some snow!...
    you southerners.... had the snowblower out yesterday, and theres more of the white crap on the driveway this morning...

    so im not feeling your pain, LOL

    32 days to go!

    -The Captain

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    I scooped snow three times yesterday and had more this mornig than the times previously. Guess what I'm doing when I get home (if I get home) tonight. It's been snowing all day and not supposed to stop until tomorrow sometime. But heck it's only supposed to be 10 inches.

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    Hey Josh, how's that snow? Ready for Jamaica! Hello S&J and holster see you on the island. Maybe I can talk my better half into some Body Painting one day out on the island. We also bring along some valentines decorations with us as well, to decorate a bit out there.. Well we know for sure Joselyn & Trevor they are the same dates as us, Anne & Martin, they get there like the 6th or something. We are going to need 2 tables if we all eat together...Church Voice Kevin.. I should have had INWSD shirts made for us all..

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    What day is the wedding?

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    I have no clue what day it is, been trying to find out, but no luck!

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    We've tried as well. Seems like they through that elephant out on the table and now we are all just ignoring it. Come on you two fess up.

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    Come on Heather !!! I thought you were the social director. You need to get that info!!!!! Anne & Martin, are you there, ???What's the deal ??? Should I pack my tux or not ???

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    The Captain votes for a NAKED wedding

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    Ok, Ok, I have the information.. I am still the social director, never fear. I just wish we still had the islanders white board, to put up the daily island activities, I miss that.. I digress, Anne & Martin are getting married on 2/15 at Noon. It is a simple affair, resort type clothes and on the beach. I am the MOH but Martin was still deciding as of yesterday who the BM would be. So there is the answer to your question. I will be planning the bachlorette party..
    And the Captain was voted down, no naked wedding, that's only for renewals.. See you all real soon, 12 days and counting..

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