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    Default what suitecase to take????

    The countdown is on only 23 days left before the vacation of our lives. Hubby and I will be at cti for our 30th. my only delema now is do we take 2 carry ons or 1 lg. bag and the carry ons. Just want to have enough room for the goodies we want to bring back. any suggestions would be great. thanks

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    We took one Lg and two carry ons. almost had to repack on the way home cause of wieght, we were just under at 49.5 lbs. Next time we are taking 2 lg and 2 carry- ons. We both brought clothes we never wore.

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    If you are staying 7 nights or less, I would think 1 large and 2 carry-ons would work. We usually do 2 large and 2 carry-ons, and another checked bag with sunscreen and shoes, but we are there more nights. However, lots of people make do with less, all the time! In this age of bag fees, if I were to be charged for those 2 large, I would try to make it 1, and drop the other, as well. We are lucky this year to have 1 checked bag each free.

    Sounds like you will be at CTI the same time as we are!! We are Raelene & Dave from WI. Jonzie, check out the December 2011 threads. The excitement builds!!

    P.S. Congrats on your 30th anniversary. We'll toast to that!

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    I suggest taking "yours". TSA and the airlines frown upon you taking someone elses at the baggage claim area. LOL. sorry just couldnt resist.

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